Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dirty Political Tactic By Democrats: Reconciliation; and the Double Standard proven by video of 2005 comments regarding nuclear option

The Democrats, in order to get Health Care legislation passed, is threatening to use budget reconciliation, which would require only 51 votes to pass the Senate. Non-budget legislation requires a 60-vote majority. There is no justification for using budget reconciliation for the Health Care legislation, and it is a last ditch desperate attempt to pass something that they couldn't even get passed when they had a super-majority.

Republicans are critical of the reconciliation option, but not nearly as much as the Democrats were when the GOP suggested using a 51 majority vote to appoint judges.

First, let's listen to what the Democrats had to say about Reconciliation in 2005 (which they called the "nuclear option" back then; and note their insistence that such an option is a portrayal of arrogance, and power grabbing - and note how Biden hopes the Democrats would never stoop so low). As you listen, apply what they are saying to the current situation that includes the arrogance of the Democrats, and their willingness to do whatever it takes, including dirty tactics, to get their socialist programs passed:

Now, let's hear what Rick Santorum says is the difference between then and now, and how the Democrat's double standard is deafening:

And this is the same lion's den of liars and theives (Democrats) the Republicans were invited to join in a "summit" today with Barack Obama. . .

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