Sunday, July 04, 2010

Another Crisis Goes To Waste

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The current powers in control of our government needs crisis to advance their agenda. If there is no crisis, then people are happy with the way things are, and no change is necessary. The oil spill was a gift to them, caused by the high pressure of abiotic reserves that even BP could not prepare for.

Before the spill, the left had been trying to manufacture crisis in other ways, and none of their attempts panned out the way they had hoped.

One such attempt was the H1N1 Virus. They tried to convince us that the virus would kill millions. The Swine Flu Vaccine was the only thing that could save us. Some believed the vaccine had some kind of chemicals in it to control the people, or something like that. I did not believe such a thing. However, what I felt they were trying to do was show the people through being the saviors through a massive crisis that it was the government the people can depend on. In other words, they were attempting to create loyalty by saving everybody from disaster. This is one of the reasons I believed they may try to force the vaccine on us through mandatory innoculations.

Problem was, the crisis never panned out the way they had hoped. The virus never spread like the flu in Stephen King's novel "The Stand," and many folks refused to be inoculated in the first place. As a result of their failed crisis, and despite their panicked claims there were not enough vaccines to go around, 40 million doses worth about $260 million is being written off as trash because it has expired.

The huge purchase of vaccines went unused, and the population killing virus never killed more than what the regular flu does anyway.

So much for that crisis.

You see, the left tries to use crisis to change behavior. They do the same with taxes, fines, fees, and other socialist policies. It is like they are trying to herd us around like a flock of sheep into their socialist pens. Problem is, the American People are smarter than that. We see through their madness. . . or at least most of us do.

No enemy can stand against us, neither foreign or domestic.

It will take a much better crisis than a virus that fizzles out, or an oil spill in the gulf that is but a trickle when you compare it to the gulf as a whole, to convince us to betray liberty.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Millions of Swine Flu Vaccine Doses Have Expired and Will Be Burned - CNS News

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