Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After Terrorist Threats, Eiffel Tower Opens Again

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In France, a European country where the Muslim population is reaching numbers that has Islam feeling pretty emboldened, French society has been wracked with terrorist threats of late. In fact, there have been so many threats in Paris that the Eiffel Tower has been closed twice in the last two weeks. The recent threats of terror attacks are specifically targeting crowds, such as the crowds of tourists that flock to the tremendous tower in Paris.

Bomb experts were involved in the latest closing of the Eiffel Tower, but found no evidence of explosives, or other terrorist items. The tower was closed for two hours during the investigation.

Local authorities suspect al-Qaida's North African branch of plotting a bomb attack on a crowded location in France. His warning came after Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, claimed responsibility for the Sept. 16 abduction of five French nationals and two Africans in northern Niger.

In the hopes of combating the Islamization of France, the French parliament recently voted to ban burqa-style Islamic veils in France. Counterterrorism officials say that the vote is just one of several variables that may be increasing the liklihood of a terrorist attack.

It is fascinating that these people never get that Islam engages in terrorism against The West because Muslims hate non-Muslims, and especially hate The West, regardless of what we do.

Challenging the Islamization of The West is not only recommended, but is necessary.

Otherwise, the dominoes are set to fall. . . and without standing up to this radical ideology, they will fall.

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Eiffel Tower Reopens After Telephoned Bomb Threat - ABC News

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