Monday, September 27, 2010

Comrade Obama at the U.N.

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Comrade Barack Obama still sounds like he is in campaign mode. The guy is unable to do anything else. He has no substance, no leadership skills, and is about as far left as a Leninist follower on May Day. Hell, he doesn't even have an original thought in his vacant head - which is why his teleprompter follows him wherever he goes.

The empty suit has now addressed the United Nations General Assembly twice. He was campaigning for Messiah of the world, perhaps, touching upon worldwide financial reform, his commitment to fighting the make-believe myth of man-made global warming, his efforts to withdrawal from Afghanistan and his goal of a nuclear weapons free world which is being worked on with such neat things as his new nuclear treaty with Russia (which will result in unilateral disarmament as the Russians do as they always do, and lie through their teeth, and keep their arsenal intact).

During Obama's second speech to the UN he mouthed the words “I,” “me” or “my” 34 times.

Ahmadinejad was there to speak too, and in his first speech the Americans did something they haven't done in a long time. . . they didn't walk out. In his second speech, the Iranian President launched into a few remarks about the “failure” of “the system of Capitalism,” (I wonder if Obama was nodding his head in agreement as Ahmadinejad spoke?), and then Iran's President said a few words about 9/11. Ahmadinejad then turned truther, indicating that “those responsible for the attack” includes “some segments within the U.S. government [who] orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order also to save the Zionist regime."

Surprisingly, at that point, Obama’s U.N. delegation had the decency to walkout.

Obama's speeches, according to the Heritage Foundation, revealed an "underlying assumption . . . that the General Assembly in particular, and the United Nations in general, plays a central role in arms control and disarmament. This is not true. The Security Council has an important, but qualified and limited, role to play in pursuit of international peace and security."

Hence, the reason that Obama's efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons will either fall flat on its face, or be performed on a unilateral level.

The Heritage Foundation also indicates that "The United Nations as a whole is profoundly handicapped by its assumption of moral equivalence between democracies and dictatorships, by its refusal to fully acknowledge the inherent right of self-defense, by its insistence on negotiating unverifiable and unenforceable treaties, and by its desire to supplant the authority of sovereign nation states with that of U.N. bureaucrats and unaccountable NGOs."

In other words, we need to promote peace through our strength, and to tell the idiotic United Nations to pack sand. Problem is, Obama believes himself to be an international guy. He believes America should be heavily influenced by international institutions, and international law. Obama believes the United States is a flawed nation, and our only hope is to admit our shortcomings, and knock ourselves down a few notches so that we are on an even plane with everyone else.

Meanwhile, he claims Arizona's immigration laws are in violation to human rights standards, and has actually appealed to the United Nation's Human Rights Council to review Arizona's law. Seems not to bother him that the council is populated by countries that are some of the greatest human rights abusers on this planet.

The guy is a joke, and a dangerous punch line at that.

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Waiting for Crazy - Heritage Foundation

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