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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Islamic Revolution Feared in Sweden

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Islamic Revolution that swept through Iran in 1979 changed Iran from an ally to an enemy in a moment. The region was ripe for such a revolution, and now Islamic Jihadists have captured control over the entire Middle East. One place, however, one did not expect to see this kind of thing happening soon at, or at least not until recently, is Europe. Now Sweden fears such a revolution could sweep through its country, and destroy the last remnant of freedom.

Some Swedish officials believe Sweden, and many other western countries, are at risk of going out with a whimper because of the influence of Islam, drawing a connection to 1400 years of Muslim aggression.

Islamification, in the minds of the Muslims, is a simple matter of destiny for the entire western world. And despite the claim that there are moderate Muslims, in the end all Muslims hold to the ideology of Islam, and believe that the destiny of the planet is for all nations to fall under Sharia law.

It’s a political ideology masking as religion. Religion as Americans view it does not aim to change the law, and institute a theocracy in the place of the host's governmental system, as is the aim of Islam.

One Swedish official is quoted as saying, ". . . when the Islamists came to power [in Iran], they wiped out the socialists too. And I’m saying that if we don’t take the Islamification that’s taking place in western Europe right now seriously, maybe history will repeat itself."

He continued, "Sweden is being Islamified right now. We’ve taken up countless examples of how Sweden is adapting to Muslim demands and we’re seeing how mosques are popping up like mushrooms from the ground in Sweden and all over Europe. It’s not necessarily the case that we’ll all become Muslims, but that we will have to obey Sharia. . . Through Muslim immigration and rapid propagation, as well as through Turkey’s membership in the EU, Europe can become dominated by Muslims."

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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