Sunday, September 26, 2010

Liberal Democrats Running Out of Strategies

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Conservative Principles win elections. Whenever liberals reveal their socialist agendas, the American People recoils, so to win the Left must disguise their true intentions with conservative sounding rhetoric. Obama, during his campaign, and even now, claims to be a champion of tax cuts, when he has done nothing but raise taxes through fees and taxes on things like tobacco and energy. The media and the Democrats are even calling Obama's desire to not allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for the Middle Class "Obama's Tax Cuts," when they are nothing of the sort. Tax cuts are a reduction in the tax rate, but keeping those rates from rising is not a tax cut as Obama is trying to convince us.

With November approaching, it has become clear to the American People that Obama is no Centrist, and does not believe in the lies he told during his campaign. The "blame Bush" strategy has worn off in most circles, as well. The War on Poverty is being lost, and Obama is perpetuating poverty by funding it with more entitlements, while damning our grandchildren with the bill from his overspending. As the economy worsens, the spending has been increasing. The Liberal Democrats are throwing more money at everything they can as the American People are realizing that the Left's efforts are like using gasoline to extinguish a fire. As a result, America is sinking; but what is even worse about it is that the "joke of a political party" in control of the White House, and Congress, is claiming the recession has ended and we are in the midst of a recovery. Really? They claimed we were in a recession before it started, and they are now claiming it is over as it is escalating toward a great depression.

All the while, the Democrats scoff at personal responsibility, individualism, and self-reliance, also known as the Free Market System. While professing to care about the poor, the Democrats depress opportunity. They profess to be compassionate, while simply diverting taxpayer money into programs that increase one's dependency on government, literally paying people to remain in poverty. Meanwhile, Conservatism is working to help wean the dependents off of the dependency cycle, out of poverty, and back to work. But encouraging such self-respect is attacked by the Left as being uncaring. They refuse to accept the fact that if people are going to be independent and regain their dignity, the welfare way of life must be reformed, and ultimately ended. Providing opportunity in a thriving private sector that is growing because of free market principles, and government removing itself from influencing the private sector, is the key.

Liberals consider the true Conservatives as being a fringe element, yet at every election the Democrats try to emulate those very same Conservatives. Even Jerry Brown, the hard-left liberal Democrat running for Governor in California is running on cutting spending, cutting taxes, ensuring that any tax increase is voted on by the people, and limiting the size and scope of government. The things he is proclaiming to be is dead opposite of his history as a politician. But, unlike with Obama, the people are not believing the rhetoric of the Democrats this time around. The strategy of acting conservative, except in a few cases, is not working for Democrats because they have revealed who they really are over the last year and a half.

While their's are attempts to sound Conservative, true Conservatives are easily recognized because our beliefs are straightforward, grounded in moral clarity and common sense. Our task, unlike the liberal left, is not to convert people to our way of believing, but to open people's eyes to realizing that conservative principles are already their own beliefs, rather than the deceptions provided by the propaganda of the Left about Conservatism.

The true, close minded, narrow-minded ideologues in today's society are the liberals, and it is turning out that the majority of Americans are Conservative. In other words, it is conservatism that is mainstream. The liberal Democrats have proven since 2006, when the Democrats gained control of Congress, that they support failed policies, and that they are mindless ideologues about those failed policies. They continue to push for policies and programs regardless of what the populace thinks of those policies, and despite decades of painful history that has shown that liberal policies do not work. The liberal practice of rigid, and irrational, clinging to their abstract theories in the face of reality has exposed them for the socialist Marxists they are. Day to day it is becoming abundantly clear that the facts don't matter to these people. If the facts don't fit their leftist ideology, the facts are chopped off and discarded.

An example of failed policy is the Keynesian folly of "priming the pump" through deficit spending. Not only does history show that deficit spending doesn't work, but so does common sense and experience. In fact, Keynesian Economics not only does not work, but it is actively destructive to an economy. It runs against basic reasoning. Be it in government, or our own personal lives, it is unsustainable to spend more than you take in.

Acting like they have conservative values isn't working. Blaming Bush isn't working. Attacking conservative candidates like O'Donnell in Delaware, isn't working. The fact is, the liberal left has no strategies left for November, and they sure can't run on the record of the Congressional Democrats, or Obama, because there is not a single success to refer to.

Yet, there are actually Democrats that are claiming they have no worries about November. It is, in their opinion, going to be the basic loss of seats we often see in mid-term elections.

I can't wait to see the look on their smug, elitist faces when the Democrats are swept out of power in the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

But, just because the GOP will be regaining the reins of Congress does not mean we should relax. We must remain vigilant, persistent, and we must continue to hold the feet of the politicians to the fire. . . even those that seem to be the most conservative of the Republicans.

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