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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day - A Chance To Say Thank You

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Today we celebrate Veterans Day. This is the day that we have the opportunity to formally show our appreciation and gratitude for all who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Dad was a United States Marine in Vietnam, my grandfather fought in World War II (France). We all have those folks in our families, but when was the last time we went up to them and said, "Thank you?"

My father had nothing to do with the military, but growing up with a Marine Corps dad that my mom married days before my third birthday, one thing I learned young was that it is true, Once a Marine, Always a Marine. The rich tradition of military service in my family, and the honor that goes with serving, from uncles to grandparents, was a large part of the reason I decided to join the United States Navy in 1984.

As a child I had played war, and the innocent games I played were based on limited knowledge. It was when I had the chance to serve that I fully realized how for many of these military members, the word "hero" is an understatement.

The reality of war is ugly. It's unavoidable, unfortunately, but how great is it that when we must fight on the battlefield, we are fortunate enough to have men and women who are willing to serve our country and make the ultimate sacrifice, if necessary.

Our history is filled with war, and the forging of this nation was initiated through war. The Revolutionary War was fought by brave men who had little training, but a will to win because of a little thing called "independence." We declared ourselves independent from the British in 1776 and it took us eight years to earn our independence from the greatest military force in the world.

This nation was divided over slavery, and war corrected the problem. This nation became a super power through its participation in the World Wars.

Liberals tell me that war never solves anything. Do they mean aside from creating America, eliminating slavery, defeating tyrants and ending the Nazi Holocaust?

Our military is at the heart of American exceptionalism. It is because of the brave that we are the home of the free. Our veterans have given the ultimate sacrifice, or were willing to do so without expecting anything back. A mere day on November 11th is not enough to give them all the thanks we should like to convey.

Words fall short. A day is not long enough. Our thanks to our veterans is endless.

Thank you for your service.

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