Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama's "I'm The Messiah Again" Moment - Tucson Speech

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Associated Press, the rest of the biased media, Democrat politicians, and liberal sheep are doing all they can to hoist Obama back up to his rusty throne in the clouds. Once again, after two years of carrying his sorry butt, they have proclaimed him to be great, and even attributed a miracle to his healing hand.

"Summoning the soul of a nation" is the first words of a comical display of idiocy by the Associated Press as they try to once again prop up Obama as some kind of unifier. . . even though he has been nothing but divisive for the last two years.

"Obama," says the AP writer, "implored Americans to honor those slain and injured."

As a president should have.

Okay, so far, so good. Flowery, but good.

"...telling a polarized citizenry..."

They use that term a lot. "Polarized," I mean. When Bush was president, and the left was waving effigies of Dubya with a noose around his neck, and a Hitler mustache painted below his nose, that wasn't polarizing, apparently. Back then, Hillary said that their dissent was "patriotic."

However, now that non-liberals dare disagree with the leftist agenda, the nation is "polarized" according to the Left.

" is time to talk with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds."

Obama, if you wish us to talk in such a way, quit forcing America down a path the people do not wish it to go. Abandon the hard left agenda, and the angry opposition will settle down. Quit being divisive, and perhaps you'll get your wish of unity.

Now the article gets really freaky. This is quoted from the Associated Press article, and it is eerie how freaky these writers truly are. And I believe the writers are in line with the attitude of the liberal left in this nation.

"In an electrifying moment, the president revealed that Giffords, who on Saturday was shot point-blank in the head, had opened her eyes for the first time shortly after his hospital visit. First lady Michelle Obama held hands with Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, as the news brought soaring cheers from thousands gathered for a memorial service."

Do they expect us to say, "Oh my God! The messiah touched her and she opened her eyes! It's a M-I-R-A-C-L-E!"

That's right! She opened her eyes shortly after his hospital visit!

While I am excited that she opened her eyes, especially since it took me a week and a half to do so after my head injury, I am disgusted by how they worded that.

Did Obama have something to do with her opening her eyes? the article seems to ask. The soaring crowds surely thought so, assumes the writers (it seems). Obama may actually believe she opened her eyes because he visited her, too.

"I believe we can be better," Obama said.

We can. And in 2012, when his sorry butt is voted out, and the Senate is handed over to GOP control, this listing ship will be turned around, and righted.

"Those who died here, those who saved lives here — they help me believe," the president said. "We may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but I know that how we treat one another is entirely up to us."

Shockingly, President Obama was exactly correct in that statement. However, the hate that the Left is stirring up with their false accusations against the right in regards to the motivation of Loughner, while conveniently forgetting their violent political rhetoric during the presidency of George W. Bush, is disturbing.

In crafting his comments, Obama clearly sought a turning point in the raw debate that has defined national politics. He faced the expectations to do more than console, but to encourage a new day of civility, all without getting overly political in a memorial service.

Ah, now Obama is the great teacher. And it is amazing. The liberals want so bad for this to be Obama's 9/11, or Obama's Oklahoma City bombing. Last Nobember, Mark Penn went so far as to say that Obama "needed" a tragedy to help him. They want this killing spree in Tucson so bad to be Obama's defining moment of pulling together a nation into unity, despite Obama's divisive agenda.

"Obama settled on a theme of challenging the country to have a debate that is worthy of those who died. He tapped into the raging debate about the role of incendiary rhetoric without dwelling on it."

In other words, while the Left can be as incendiary as they desire, especially against George W. Bush, the Tea Party, and Palin, any conservative daring to respond to any attacks against them by liberals, or to dare oppose the liberal agenda, is acting in an unacceptable manner, and such dissent must be quelled.

"He admonished against any instinct to point blame or to drift into political pettiness or to latch onto simple explanations that may have no merit."

This is the liberal left's way of saying "He knows it's the Right's fault, but as the Messiah he miraculously maintained his composure and stayed above such silly bantering."

"I want us to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it," Obama said.

First of all, wanting us to live up to her expectations almost sounds as if he is talking about Giffords like she is dead. Second, Obama is an idiot. This is not a democracy. It is a republic. Yes, in many ways we use democratic processes, but we are not a democracy. You pledge allegiance "to the republic," right?

Ooops, I don't think he recites the pledge.

Said Obama: "If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christina is jumping in them today."

Remember, this is the same guy that was mocking the Bible during his campaign.

Obama hit an emotional high point when he told of Giffords opening her eyes for the first time not long after his visit to her bedside. "Gabby opened her eyes, so I can tell you: She knows we are here, she knows we love her, and she knows that we are rooting for her through what is undoubtedly going to be a difficult journey," Obama said.

She opened her eyes not long after his visit - - - It's a M-I-R-A-C-L-E!

"As finger-pointing emerged in Washington and beyond over whether harsh political rhetoric played a role in creating motivation for the attack, Obama sought to calm the rhetoric."

Ahh, isn't that great? The great Obama is rising above them petty rightwingers so that he may calm the rhetoric. (That was sarcasm, by the way. Excuse me, now, while I go puke)

Then the article goes on to once again attempt to define Obama's appeal for civility as being his shining moment, while attacking Sarah Palin, and the crosshairs of a gun sight on her website.

The article was also sure to mention that Obama spoke to a crowd of more than 13,000 in the arena and thousands more listened on from an overflow area in the football stadium.

Wow, I guess they are still upset that Palin pulls in bigger crowds than him.

All in all, Giffords and the victims of this shooting are in my prayers. But Obama's political positioning over this, and the media's attacks against The Right over this, has me sick to my stomach. These people are twisted. The quicker 2012 comes, the better.

Oh, by the way, Nancy Pelosi considers this murderous act as being nothing more than an "tragic accident."

Sick, sick, sick people.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Call Me Mom said...

"They want this killing spree in Tucson so bad to be Obama's defining moment of pulling together a nation into unity, despite Obama's divisive agenda."

Then perhaps they shouldn't have made T-shirts for a memorial service. I'm fairly sure that, as defining moments go, this is one for me.