Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin Acting Like Third Graders

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Tom said...

Do you think public sector workers are paid more than private sector?

I'm guessing you have absolutely no idea.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

like usual it is you that proves that you know absolutely nothing about what you say. You love to assume. My wife was a private school teacher for many years. Her sister works in the public sector as a teacher. My cousin in Texas teaches at the public schools, and I have a good friend here in California who is the administrator of one of the larger private high schools in Orange County. By in large the public school teachers make more money, but that is not always the case. For the most part the public school teachers have better health insurance packages, and in every case I know of have a better pension plan. Yet, the private schools put out students that are more advanced than public school students, and they do it on a third of the budget. But the premise of your question is not really the point. It does not matter who makes more, or less, or whatever. The fact is the teachers in the public sector, such as in Wisconsin, are making more and have better benefits packages than the average taxpayer as the taxpayers reach a point of not being able to afford it anymore. In short, there is no money. So the real issue here is, do the teachers accept limitations on collective bargaining (on all aspects of their contracts except salary - that's your other show of idiocy, pay is not affected in what's going on in Wisconsin), or do teachers end up getting laid off? The teachers believe they can stave off both. With what money? Liberalism has broken these states. Entitlement programs and millionaire pensions for state employees have busted the treasury. There is no more money. They have run out of everybody else's money and now these people are crying - just like the idiot protesters in Greece.