Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exposing the Man-Made Global Warming Hoax

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The jig is up. It has been for quite a while. The evidence against the man-made global warming hoax is overwhelming, but the facts mean nothing to the liberal left crazies. That's because it isn't about the environment, or their fake science. This whole thing is about power. It's all about controlling the people through some wicked social engineering belief, or whatever else they have up their sleeves.

Humanity, as much as the leftists would like to believe, are not capable of influencing the global temperatures. As proven by the quickness of the healing of the gulf after the BP oil spill, the planet is resilient, and can withstand pretty much anything we can throw at it. This is not to say that I believe we should not care, either. If there is gunk in the air, we should take care to keep it clean. If there is gunk in the water, then we should take care to keep it clean. Not because government orders us to, or because they lie to us about some cataclysmic environmental crisis, but because we should be good stewards of the planet.

As for global warming, the planet does indeed warm and cool, but because of the sun's flare activity. Do greenhouse have any affect? Perhaps, but not to the extent that we are being told. Besides, the greenhouse gases we spew into the air is less than one percent of what the Earth produces itself (via oceans, volcanoes, and the like). Are we really supposed to believe that such a miniscule amount has the kind of influence on global temperatures as the global warming alarmists claim?

Besides, humanity realizes the lie. They know that global warming is a sham. The percentage of people believing the lie drops continuously.

The leftists will do anything to keep in place their lie. Crisis is necessary for them to do what they want. Fear of a dying planet keeps the people in check. Their lie goes so deep that even in the face of the facts, they will swear by their bull crap.

Remember how a couple weeks ago we were having "record-breaking heat"? Nearly no records were broken, after all. What we were being told was a bunch of lies. Sure, it was hot as heck, but record breaking? Not quite.

Less than 0.4% of those reporting actually broke temperature records.

The media claimed we were having record breaking heat, but they weren't even (sometimes) telling us what the temps were. Instead, they threw in the "heat index" to make the temperatures seem higher than they truly were.

This is nothing new. We know that liberals lie. We know that the media is their accomplices. When it comes to working on what they want, they lie, which means there is almost nothing true in the mainstream media. What is being reported by these clowns is usually not the truth, but a strategy to advance a political agenda of liberalism.

They told us that there had been record-breaking heat that may last for weeks, and instead, it turned out that almost no temperature records were broken.

But it was hot, and the people that believe this crap began to feel the fear. They were putty in the hands of the liberals. "Save us from the heat! We'll drive an overpriced, unmarketable Chevy Volt!"

It's the month of July and they are acting as if it being hot is something strange. Now, if this was six months ago, and the heat was like this for a week or so, perhaps they'd have something. But in July?

In only four-tenths of 1% of reported temperatures was a record set.

They lied about the record breaking temperatures, and they lied about it because they want you to believe the world's coming to an end, and that the only way to save it is for government to dictate to you your energy use. They want to give you government controlled thermostats, and they want you to ride trains, and they want you to beg them to save you from the big bad warming trend that actually began cooling already.

Those global warming hoax believers, however, even in the face of evidence, refuse to accept the truth that what they believe is a lie. In fact, they are so intent on making their totalitarian environmentalism the law, that they are willing to force it. One writer, who calls the "global warming deniers" a bunch of "boneheads," even went so far as to recommend that those that refuse to believe the global warming lie should have their opinions tattooed on them like the Jews had to wear armbands in Nazi Germany.

He retracts the statement later in his article, but the mere suggestion shows you how bat-crap-crazy these liberal man-made global warming advocates truly are.

Of course liberals are so nuts that in California they are actually demanding that Conservatives leave the State. They apparently can't stomach being surrounded by individuals that refuse to be a part of the liberal collective, and cling to something called facts, and the truth.

The truth is that global warming scientists are under investigation for fraud, or as the scientific community calls it, misconduct.

Charles Monnett is one of those scientists under investigation. He was one of those liars that claimed several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean - a claim that helped galvanize the global warming movement.

Fact is, it was a bold-faced lie.

The investigation uncovering these lies (which of course the liberals will refuse to accept, and will call them conspiracy theories, or something of the sort) is compounding upon the fact that skepticism is already on the rise about man-made global warming.

While an Obama administration policy is in place that is intended to protect scientists from political interference, apparently the truth was able to find these liars in their dens.

In addition to the investigations into the lies of global warming scientists, NASA has also produced evidence that the global warming hoax is nowhere near the truth.

Satellite data over the last decade reveals that the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted. Therefore, that would mean, if the hoax was true, based on their models, far less future global warming would occur than United Nations computer models have predicted.

In other words, despite their moronic claims, atmospheric carbon dioxide traps far less heat than alarmists have claimed.

That's because carbon dioxide does not cause global warming. Warming causes increased levels of carbon dioxide.

They have it backwards.

Gore's image of a polar bear trapped on a block of ice was even faked.

And yet these people still claim the hoax is real. Despite all of the evidence against them, and the proof of corruption and lies, they continue to push forward - because being drunk with power does that to liberals.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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