Saturday, October 22, 2011

San Diego Endures Another Massive Power Outage

With more than 2,800 people without power in the South Bay of San Diego County, despite the blame going towards an overhead electrical system, one wonders if there is not more to the story.

The areas affected are all along the Mexican Border, and with the war in Mexico going on in regards to the drug cartels, as well as the now growing presence of Islamic organizations along that area (one out of every three illegal aliens to cross the California border from Mexico are of Middle Easter descent), it makes one think that perhaps there is something going on that is a lot more sinister than problems we are being told about.

This was not the first power outage of the day. Another outage was reported earlier in the morning in other San Diego suburban cities.

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More Than 2,800 Without Power in South Bay - NBC San Diego

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