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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today on Constitution Speaker Radio, KCAA 1050 AM: Bell's Angels

At 2:00 pm Pacific Douglas V. Gibbs of Constitution Speaker Radio welcomes:

Bell’s Angels

The people that stunned the world by taking on city corruption in the City of Bell.

The guests from Bell are Dale Walker, and Cristina Garcia, two of the founding members of the group BASTA (Bell Association to STOP The Abuse) also means "Enough" in Spanish. Everyone in BASTA are volunteers and mostly residents of the city of Bell with the exception of Cristina Garcia who lives in the neighboring city, Bell Gardens. The group was fundamental in recalling Bell's city council members and getting some corrupt administrators fired or pressuring them to resign. The group continues to work alongside residents of the city of Bell to educate and empower them on anything new with the city.

BASTA has no political affiliation but accepts all that are willing to bring good, transparent government to Bell.

Then, after the guests, we will embark on a journey through the 5 Big Stories of the Week! and wrap it all up with this week's Nuts and Nuggets.

Tune in at 2:00 pm Pacific on 1050 AM in Southern California, or on the Internet at

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