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Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Difference Between Occupy Wall Street and the TEA Party

The Left keeps trying to make comparisons between OWS and the TEA Party. There is no comparison. The TEA Party was a grass roots movement concerned about their country that got together to become a voice of reason, and to offer solutions that stem from the Constitution, and conservative principles in an attempt to return our system to its original working standards. TEA Party sites were left cleaner than when they arrived, were peaceful, and was a representation of all people, all races, and even various political beliefs. OWS is a movement organized by Leftist politicians and activists, who in some cases paid the participants to be there. Their concern is not reasonable, for they desire to destroy the current system that has worked so well for over two hundred years, shred the Constitution, and spew chants and slogans that are more Marxist, than American. While the TEA Party flew the American Flag with pride, the OWS protesters have desecrated the flag by writing on it, stepping on it, and burning it. OWS sites are dirty, smelly, and serious health concerns have arisen. OWS has proven to be violent, and for the most part, consists largely of young white brats from wealthy families who are pissed off because all that they were taught about going to college to get a degree and secure a wonderful living was a great big lie. Liberalism fails wherever it is tried, and these people don't get it - their solution is to double down, and grow government even more.

As for their anti-capitalism rants, don't they sound like the Soviets of old?

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