Monday, November 28, 2011

Enraged in Pakstan - Obama Effigy Burned

By Douglas V. Gibbs

After a NATO air strike that killed 24 soldiers, hundreds of enraged Pakistanis took to the streets across the country, burning an effigy of President Barack Obama and setting fire to US flags.

Militant Islamist groups (the article says right-wing - but there is nothing right-wing about an ideology that pushes governmental control through the mask of a violent religion) organized the rallies.

The participants shouted, "down with America, stay away Americans, Pakistan is ours, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our army", while Pakistani riot police were deployed near the consulate.

Many carried placards and banners.

A member of the opposition, lawmaker Javed Hashmi, demanded that the government end its alliance in the US-led "war on terror".

In response to the NATO strike, Pakistan's leadership has sealed its Afghan border to NATO supply convoys and is reviewing its alliance with the United States and NATO.

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Enraged Pakistanis burn Obama effigy, slam US - AFP/Yahoo News

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