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Liberalism and Communitarianism: Enablers and Destroyers

If people can’t comprehend what it means to work for larger goals than their own interest, if they actually consider any deviation from self-service somehow a sign of phoniness, we, as a nation, are lost. - Paul Krugman

Definition - Communitarianism: a communal system based on cooperative groups that practice some of the principles of communism. — communitarian, n., adj.

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The difference between Paul Krugman and me in regards to his quote is that I believe working with the community to achieve larger goals must be a personal, individual decision. Krugman believes people must be made to place the community above their own individual desires, even if it takes the government through regulatory powers to force them to.

I believe that pursuing personal and individual goals, in the long run, is good for the community, for that makes you non-dependent upon the community, and personal success helps the community by you participating in the market system, and if you are a business by supplying jobs and products.

Krugman, from what I gather from the editorial he wrote, is two sneezes away from being a full-fledged Marxist.

The Leftism that Krugman pushes is a disease that has enveloped the globe. In Europe collapse is inevitable, and the Germans are tired of carrying the free loaders in society that place all of their dependence upon the more socialist nations. The European Union has survived up to this point primarily because Germany has been bailing everyone out. Meanwhile, the crying whiners of the other countries, who are instilling austerity measures in the hope of averting collapse, are suffering from riots and general strikes.

That makes Germany, as long as they continue to bail out other nations, enablers.

The socialists are throwing temper tantrums world wide because liberalism is failing. Big Government is not the solution, and they refuse to accept that, even on the precipice of complete economic collapse.

The socialism (liberalism one step farther than here) of Europe has failed, and Germany does not want to go down with the ship.

The free loaders say they "need" government to take care of them. . .

If these people had been self-sufficient and personally responsible, this would not be a problem.

Instead, they chose to be slaves of big government, and now they know not what to do as the plantation of socialism collapses.

Germany's history has taught the nation when to stop with the fiscal insanity. Merkel refuses to participate with the madness, and now is being criticized as "punishing" the rest of the EU. Fact is, Germany is not punishing Europe. Merkel is simply refusing to continue to be the enabler for the socialist systems that are failing miserably.

Liberalism fails whenever it is tried.

Though the United States is a little bit behind Europe, if we don't turn the ship around, it will take down more than just us. Because we have been so prosperous in history, the American Dollar is intertwined with all of the economies around the world. Our failure would be devastating to the entire global community.

Despite the evidence that liberalism fails, for one must only look to the events in Europe to recognize the destructive nature of statism, factions in the United States continue to push for such a system. What is worse, President Obama and the democrat party have falling lock, stock and barrel for the madness of big government. They are steering this ship into the treacherous waters, despite the reality that doing such a thing is a death sentence for our economy, and ultimately, for our nation.

The Occupy Movement screams for change. They demonize capitalism and the corporations. When it comes to the bankers and corporations, they have a partially legitimate argument, for corruption does exist within those circles. The root of that corruption, however, is not from the bankers or corporations alone, but from the incestuous relationship they have with government. Liberalism, in the end, is the problem, not the capitalistic system that has been the foundation of our prosperity.

The solution these leftists proposes is communitarianism - a philosophy that places the welfare of the community over the rights and freedoms of the individual.

The solution is not more government through a communal system. The solution lies in reducing government, and changing our system back to what worked. Stop enabling the entitlement junkies, return to the gold standard with our currency, kick the unions out of the government, reduce federal spending to only that which is constitutionally authorized, and convince the free loaders that their ideas are not the solution - their ideas are the problem.

Sure, we should be sensitive to others needs, we ought to be charitable, and we are indeed simply a part of a much larger community. But, to participate in that community has to be an individual decision. It is not the role of government to force us to be.

Constitutionally, the role of the federal government is not to make us a community. The role of the government is to protect, preserve, and promote the union.

What we do as individuals is our business.

Krugman, you can keep your communal, big government tyranny.

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