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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sexual Abuse of Children in Southern California Schools Leads To California Supreme Court Calling for Cameras in the Classroom

By Douglas V. Gibbs

What kind of world do we live in where it becomes necessary to place cameras in the public schools to protect the children from the sexual urgings of the teachers?  Are we now animals in a zoo that can't even be trusted with our young?

Once again the unconstitutional Department of Education, and a secular public school system, has failed.

These predators in the schools belong to a system that is supported by the same people that were giving the Catholic Church grief over their problems with priests having their way with children.

I think this is all a referendum on morality, or a lack thereof, in America.  As society decays, so does the public system.  If we are not willing to keep up the standards of morality regarding sexual contact at the most basic level, did we not expect it to eventually drop to the lowest common denominator in all parts of our system?

The out of control sexuality we are seeing is also testimony to the problems of human organizations. As a Constitutionalist, I see a large centralized government as problematic when it comes to its susceptibility to becoming unstable.  Other similar systems also run the risk of not only becoming unstable, but encouraging the leadership, and other important chess pieces, to see themselves so far above the rest of society. This kind of elitism leads these people to begin to believe they are above the law. Standards of morality, in these cases, also become blurred.

What did we expect?  We have a President and federal government encouraging sexual behavior outside of moral norms by offering the taxpaying public to pay for your contraceptives through governmental mandate, which means that the government is willing to pay for your social improprieties should you choose to chase them with public money.  Surprised? Of course not. These "Professional Politicians" are following our lead.  Promiscuity has been touted as the thing to do in our society.  Pop Culture oozes with it.  The entertainment industry's movies and music suggest sexual promiscuity, and the public has happily complied.  Is it any surprise that now even the government has jumped on the hay wagon on this?

As a collective we seem to argue against those that recommend abstinence, and then we wonder why the sexual envelope has been shoved to the edge, and is teetering over the abyss of no return.  And then to just make it even easier to have sex without consequence, the government has offered to pay for your birth control, and offers to murder your babies in the womb by fully paying for those abortions with public monies as well.

Sex without consequences encourages more sexual activity.  Eventually, it becomes a never ending need for more and more, and the norms start dropping like flies. Eventually, like with any other activity, once taken beyond the line that separates it from being used within the bounds of moral standards, the sky becomes no limit, just a marker.

I am in no way suggesting, however, the opposite extreme. Sex is a wonderful thing in the confines of a marital relationship.  I am not suggesting that government, however, only allow marital sex, and I am not suggesting that government ban contraceptives, or that the federal knuckleheads in Washington have a direct line of influence in our bedrooms.  This is a societal problem, and not a concern of the federal government.

Churches cower in the corner afraid to stand firm on moral teachings because the government has threatened them with a loss of their non-profit status if they dare speak out.  Prayer was removed from the schools and was replaced with sex education. Groups like the gay agenda have mocked and relentlessly attacked the church for daring to speak on their religious beliefs regarding sexual behavior.  Relativism and pluralism push for gender neutrality and a more "open society" when it comes to our sexuality.  And then we wonder why child molestation has become an epidemic, and California schools see the need to put cameras in the classrooms to keep the teachers from having sex with the kids.

It is all connected. . . and ultimately we have no one to blame but ourselves.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Supreme Court Ruling Could Prompt Cameras In The Classrooms To Curb Abuse - CBS Los Angeles

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