Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gender Neutrality in Sweden

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A part of the communitarian strategy to strip people of their individuality so as to put in place a collectivist authoritarian system is to eliminate the unique aspects of each person. One of those tactics includes gender neutrality, which aims to eliminate the differences between the sexes. Fueled by relativism and pluralism, this dangerous agenda aims to strip us of our identity and make us faceless automatons.

In Sweden the push for gender neutrality has entered a whole new stage of progression.

The liberal left believes that gender leads to sexism, inequality, discrimination, and the like. So, rather than allow the society to move beyond such (as perceived by the political leaders) unacceptable norms, the way they see to solve the problem is remove the cause.  Of course, none of those things are true, and their version of equality is anything but.

These statists believe that by eliminating gender identity the members of society will just fall in line and act in a communal manner where everyone plays the same games, nobody is left out of anything due to gender, and we will just be happy being bland cardboard copies of the people they think we should be.

In an effort to push this idea of killing individualism through gender neutrality, Sweden recently has added a definition to their language, a gender-neutral pronoun that essentially combines he and she into a general word, "hen."  Several preschools in Sweden have stopped making references to the gender of their students, no longer calling the children "boys and girls." Teachers are now referring to students as "buddies."

According to writer Charlene Prince Birkeland, one school has even gone so far as stopping the allowance of free playtime during the day because "stereotypical gender patterns are born and cemented. In free play there is hierarchy, exclusion, and the seed to bullying."

In other words, when they play freely, they act like boys and girls, and we just can't have that.

We are in big trouble, however, without the social challenges we experience in our lives. Sweden is creating a generation not equipped with the coming difficulties of adulthood. These children, who are essentially being shielded from the mean old consequences of gender identity, will be unable to cope with the rigors life offers.

For fear of gender stereotypes, a faceless class of subjects are being created, where individuality is stifled, and government determines how someone should act, and function.

A child psychologist, Stuart Lustig at the University of California at (you guessed it. . . ) San Francisco, calls what Sweden is doing as a "...laudible goal, but the notion of gender is deeply ingrained," he says, and depends on how children are socialized.

In other words, it is going to take a lot of work by the ruling elite to break these children of their individuality. . .

Wait, didn't time magazine about twenty years ago discover, to their dismay, that boys and girls are "born" different, regardless of environment?

Elise Claeson, a columnist and a former equality expert at the Swedish Confederation of Professions, says the term "hen" could even confuse children because it introduces an "in between-gender."

You think?

So how are they going to combat the fact that people have different talents, and some may be better than others at some things?

Oh, yeah, that's right, they have stopped keeping score, and hand out participation trophies.

God knows they don't want anybody to think they may be a winner, or anything.

Last fall, the Swedish Bowling Federation introduced gender neutrality by getting rid of male and female tournaments.

As for America, our destruction is about five years behind Europe, so expect soon the gender neutrality agenda to gain a lot of traction here soon.

George Orwell, here we come.

With all of this societal experimentation, I am beginning to feel like the ruling elite thinks we are in a petri dish or something, experimenting with us at will.

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