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Monday, May 21, 2012

Michelle Obama the Hoochie Mama

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prying1 said...

This one is priceless! Does she ever look in a mirror?

JASmius said...

"The [hips], my God, the [hips]!!!"

Anonymous said...

This is the kinda stuff that makes the rest of us wonder, Did she think of what she was doing? $1100 on an outfit and no less then 10% of the nation is under employed or unemployed. This is the example your leaders are setting. Your first lady looks like a tramp and it’s OK. This country is headed straight for hell.

Anonymous said...

If this photo is real... I am not at all surprised,and totally agree with Anonymous!!!

dirtydog1776 said...

I saw a black street walk in Newark, New Jersey, who dressed very much like this. Honest.

xenatwinqe1876 said...

I'm trying to convince a skeptical friend that this Michelle Obama appearance was a boondoggle for us honest taxpayers. He keeps saying that the financial information is just a bunch of exaggerations. Please help me to convince him with some good information that I'm right and he's wrong. What sources did you use?