Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama the Lying Arrogant Bastard Strikes Again: "I Know Most About Judaism of Any President"

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Someone recently challenged me when I said Obama presents himself as being the smartest guy in the room. They asked me to come up with examples. Aside from proclaiming himself the 4th Best President in History, and inserting himself into presidential bios on the White House website, now Obama is claiming he knows more about Judaism than any other President.

Does the arrogance of this jerk know any boundaries?

From Breitbart:

According to the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, President Obama met yesterday with “about 20 Conservative Jewish community leaders.” At that meeting, Ha’aretz reports, Obama “stressed he probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it.” He also asked why nobody questioned House Speaker John Boehner’s or Senator Mitch McConnell’s support for Israel. “I [am] not going to tell you again how I even feel about Israel, but why [are] we still talking about it?” he complained. He even told these Jewish leaders that “all his friends in Chicago were Jewish – and at the beginning of his political career he was accused of being a puppet of the Israel lobby.”

This is insipid in every respect. To begin at the beginning, Obama clearly does not know the most about Judaism of any president. John Adams knew Hebrew. Harry Truman knew about Jewish history. George W. Bush knew about Jewish principles. In fact, there’s a solid case to be made that Obama knows the least about Israel – at least if his behavior and views on the Middle East are any indicator. He may think he knows about Judaism, but what he really “knows” likely comes from Israel-haters

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