Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Syria Massacre: Blood on Leftist Hands

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran was as a result of Jimmy Carter's policies enabling the rise of an Islamist faction in Iran when he turned his back on The Shah of Iran. Barack Obama has done the same in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria. Thanks to Obama's Middle East policies, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other similar Islamist groups, are taking control and are radicalizing the Muslim nations of the region.

In Syria, the Houla massacre of people continues. Last weekend more than a hundred people, half of them children, lay dead under the onslaught of the Islamic killing machine.

The United Nations finally condemned the murderers, as has American officials.

Bashar al-Assad has been on a killing spree in Syria for a year and a half. Obama verbally went after Mubarak because the people cried for his removal, and it was not only none of our business in that case, but Mubarak, though a heavy handed leader, had kept the peace, was willing to abide with the treaty with Israel, and worked with the United States. Obama worked with NATO to attack Libya, and Ghadafi was also a heavy handed ruler. The guy needed to someday be gone. But with the Muslim Brotherhood waiting for an opportunity, and the timing of intervention by The West was atrocious. All of this has now led to the battle in Syria, and the death in Syria, and the murders are a direct result of the policies of the international leftists in the area.

In Iraq a dictator that had been acting in a manner that was a direct threat to the United States, and allies (namely Israel) was removed, and then a force remained to help the country adjust to its new order so that the Islamists did not gain control - so the comparison the liberal left wants to make cannot be applied.

What is interesting to me is that Assad's killing in Syria, now six months short of being two years long, never got a peep out of the U.N. or the Obama administration. Why? They didn't have to, they didn't want to offend the Muslims, and in all reality Islam and the Leftists have similar enemies (Judaism and Christianity) so they try not to give each other too hard of a time. But last weekend's slaughter of women and children appalled the world so much, the U.N. and American Left figured now they ought to condemn the brutality. It was a political move, and nothing more.

Since early 2011 the death toll under the brutal fist of Assad's regime has reached 13,000. I'll be damned if I want the U.N. to necessarily get involved, though. We saw what happened when the United Nations peacekeeping department arrived in Rwanda. The slaughter of 800,000 continued, and worsened.

The primary problem is that international leftists and American liberals refuse to see the potential of the Muslim War Machine. It reminds me of Neville Chamberlain before World War II trying to make nice-nice with Hitler. The Middle East is becoming, even more so than before, a death arena, and our ally, Israel, is their primary target. Islam will not stop until they have destroyed Israel, killed every Christian and Jew they can get their hands on, and dominate the world with their 7th Century madness. The Left thinks they can reason with these people, thinks they can appease these people, and then when the worst happens finally pulls out a condemnation.

Understand, the problem is not the people, it is the ideology. But as long as these people adhere to the dangerous and barbaric ideology of Islam, the war will not stop, and we will need to engage it. This is not warmongering. This is reality. And realize, Russia is doing what she can to arm the madness.

The Leftists did not do anything about Rwanda until it was too late, and I am afraid the same thing may be happening in Syria. It is Neville Chamberlain all over again.

As for the U.N. investigation into the Syrian massacre? Remember, these are the same people whose watch the U.N. Oil for Food scandal went down under.

In the case of the United States, it is in our best interest to tell the United Nations goodbye, and exit that organization as fast as we can.

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