Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dave "ThirdWaveDave" Logan Joins the Lord

ThirdWaveDave was Andrea Shea King's producer and friend, and through her I made friends with him as well. A few times, when I needed the conversation, he urged me to call him. When I needed friendly advice, he was willing to give it. When I tackled a tough interview with an offshore gambling company, he helped me prepare for it. Dave was a giving and caring person that loved to serve.

He will be missed.

The following is how the post on his death begins on Andrea's Radio Patriot site:

“ThirdWaveDave” Dave Logan is now entered into the beauty of God’s Kingdom.  He left us shortly after the medical team removed him from the life sustaining measures this morning. Blessedly, he did not linger longer than 30 minutes.

Read the entire post on Andrea's Site

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