Sunday, September 30, 2012


By Don Jans

Our motto is Forward to the completion of the FUNDEMENTAL TRANSFORMATION from Capitalism to a fair and equitable classless society as proclaimed by Obama in 2008. Our rule for re-election; distort, deceive and lie, but always do it consistently and convincingly.

The American people believe we want to raise taxes on the wealthy to raise revenue to reduce the national debt. We tell them it is a fair and balanced approach. We know this has never worked. When taxes are LOWERED, revenues are increased. This rule has never failed. That is why JFK and others lowered the marginal tax rates.

JFK, and others, had as their real goal to raise revenues and stimulate the economy, this is why they lowered the marginal tax rates. Our goal is not what we lead the public to believe. Our goal is to redistribute wealth and punish those who strive to be financially successful. We know nobody can be successful because of their efforts. Individual financial success is achieved because of the total efforts of the community. The successful must be punished and the wealth shared.

The American public must also believe that government stimulus brings long term economic growth, government regulations protect the public and central planning is necessary for a less volatile economy. We know government stimulus is detrimental to long term growth, this has been proven every time it is tried. FDR’s spending programs and Obama’s stimulus reinforces this unfailing economic truth. We must remember, however, that the true goals of FDR and Obama were not to stimulate an economy, but to place more of the economy under government control and supervision. Both were successful in achieving their real goals, which the public must never understand.

We also tell the American public, government regulations protect them. We know these regulations are to control the economy and the lives of the individual citizens. If we give a citizen a fish for dinner, they must come back to us the next day if they wish to eat. The citizen becomes less self-reliant and more government reliant. This is good, because the government is better at running the economy and the lives of each individual citizen. Plus, we not only stay in power, but gain more power.

We Marxist/Progressives (liberals and leftists) must continue to distort, deceive and lie. If you need a great example, use Harry Reid. He is the best because he never lets the truth be a part of his statement. We know we can do this because the media will protect us. They are leading our team. Keep the faith, and never forget that we are morally and intellectually superior.

Unfortunately this is not a dream, nor is it fiction. It is the real world in which we live. It will become much worse if the Fundamental Transformation proclaimed is allowed to continue. This is a statement of fact based on history and not conjecture.



Don Jans, Author of “My Grandchildren’s America” where the truth of Marxism is revealed. It is available on Amazon or

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