Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deadly Violence in Egypt over Morsi's Power Grab

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A 15 year old has been killed in a deadly attack on the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.  In the attack 60 people were injured.

Since Morsi's decree of power, which places him above the courts, violent protests have erupted in Egypt.  As the situation in Egypt becomes less stable, violence in Syria continues as an air raid near Damascus claims the lives of ten children.

The violence in Egypt has been met by riot police, and if the turmoil worsens, the military may need to step in.  The opponents of President Morsi indicate that the violence will not stop until the Islamist president rescinds his near absolute powers, that made him immune to judicial oversight.

The Supreme Judical Council, Egypt's highest court, called Morsi's decrees an "unprecedented assault."

Outside the high court building in Cairo, several hundred demonstrators rallied against Morsi, chanting, "Leave! Leave!" echoing the slogan used against former leader Hosni Mubarak in last year's uprising that ousted him.

Critics accuse the Muslim Brotherhood, which dominated elections last year, of monopolizing power and doing little to bring real reform or address Egypt's mounting economic and security woes.  The edicts gave Morsi near dictatorial powers, creating a collusion of executive and legislative powers, thus rendering the courts powerless.

Overall, the protests have left more than 200 people wounded.

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