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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Sunday, Veteran's Day, I Was At An Event in Hemet

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The picture was sent to me by one of the visitors to my booth at the event.  During the Veteran's Day  event in Hemet, California, I spoke on a few constitutional topics, answered many questions, and handed out a bunch of business cards for the radio program and this website. Political Pistachio has been getting over 1,700 hits a day for the last few weeks, and I appreciate all of you that have visited. Keep visiting, tell a friend, and tune in to my radio program!

At the event I had the pleasure of speaking with a 92 year old World War II veteran, a number of Vietnam War veterans, and a few younger vets that served in the military since I did in the early 80s.  A number of folks discussed the Constitution with me, a handful tried to challenge me, and a lawyer sparred with me regarding some of the legal aspects of the Constitution.  I don't think he was in full agreement with me regarding the danger of case law determining constitutionality, rather than original intent.

Overall, the day was a success.  We made many new friends, and enjoyed a fantastic event that included a flyover by an Air Force Jet, the National Anthem and TAPS at the War Memorial at Gibbel Park, and a whole lot of patriotic flag waving.

George, one of the participants of my Constitution class in Temecula, arrived in full uniform - a naval officer's uniform from the American Revolution.

Here's a pic of him in the uniform from the previous event in San Jacinto:

He definitely attracted attention.

Thank you to Helen, Stephanie, Shirley, Jane, and George for all of your help and contributions of items - and to Glenn for the pictures.

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