Saturday, November 10, 2012

Petraeus Resigns from CIA, Political Foul Play Afoot

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Barack Obama has got to be thinking along the lines of Hannibal Smith from the 80's television show, The A-Team.  On that program, Hannibal's most memorable line was, "I love it when a plan comes together."


President Obama's reelection on November 6, 2012 stunned the Republican Party, who was sure that challenger Mitt Romney would win the presidential election.  Based on the failed record of Barack Obama, no Republican thought in their wildest dreams that conservatives and republicans alike would either stay home on election day, or cast their vote for a third-party candidate. However, that is exactly what happened.

To protect Obama's Presidential Campaign, another little tidbit remained hidden, the fact that General Petraeus had been under investigation for an extra-marital affair, even at the risk of our national security. Remember, Obama considers his position of power to be more important than the safety of this country.

The details that led to the resignation of CIA Director General Petraeus are just a part of the massive avalanche of events purposely hidden from the America public during the approach of the 2012 Presidential Election - vital information suppressed to ensure an Obama second term.

News of Eric Holder considering stepping down as Attorney General was delayed until after the election. The news that Justice Department antitrust chief Wayland stepping down next week was delayed until after the election.  And news that Nancy Pelosi may be stepping down as Democrat leader in the House of Representatives was delayed until after the election.  Hillary Clinton has announced she plans to resign as Secretary of State.  Heck, even Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner plans to resign from his post, but like every other rat jumping from the sinking ship, he wanted to wait until after the election (though everyone knew he had been planning to resign for quite a while).

These are not the only curious happenings surrounding the Obama administration designed to ensure Obama didn't have any bad marks going into the 2012 Presidential Election.

After an American drone was fired upon in international airspace by Iranian airplanes, the news was hidden from the American public for a week in order to prevent the American public from recognizing the failure of the Obama Iranian foreign policy.

The facts in Benghazi were lied about by virtually every member of the Obama administration for weeks upon weeks.

The administration has been slow-walking reams of vital regulation to beyond the election in order to avoid scaring off voters.

But even more curious than the fact that these things are being revealed after the election, is how they are also happening before testimonies are expected regarding Benghazi next week, and before the Fast and Furious scandal can be busted wide open.

The investigation regarding Petraeus' affair goes back to last year. They planned to force him to resign long before now.  The democrats had to time it just right.  The resignation has to happen after the election, so as to not hurt Obama's chances of winning, but prior to next week when Petraeus was supposed to testify regarding the Benghazi cover-up.  Now, the word is that Petraeus will not be testifying.

How convenient.

Apparently, neither will Hillary Clinton, now that she plans to be gone.

And as the investigation on the guns walking into Mexico, a.k.a. Fast and Furious, ramps up, Eric Holder plans to skip town, too.

How convenient.

The most corrupt, untruthful, non-transparent, devious (and I might as well add "evil") American President in the history of the United States is succeeding in covering his tracks, and the people are falling for it.

So far, his plan of deception and lies has come together, and enough uninformed voters blindly voted him back into office.

It's like leading sheep over a cliff, and even when the cliff is noticed, being convinced it is okay. After all, a nice big pile of wool at the bottom of the fall will protect you, right?

Some Americans are falling all over themselves to keep herr fuhrer Obama in office.

It won't be until the carnage reaches out to everyone before America will awaken.

Education is the key.

Stay tuned.

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Petraeus's Sudden Resignation - The Weekly Standard

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