Thursday, December 20, 2012

Barack Obama: TIME Magazine's Person of the Year - Thanks to Barry's "New America"

By Douglas V. Gibbs

After four years of systematically destroying the American Economy, marginalizing the American Dream, launching attack after attack against the founding principles of this nation, nationalizing areas of the private sector, hampering job growth, creating a system of class warfare and government dependency, compromising freedom of religion, and after the massive fraud to win the Presidential Election of 2012, Barack Obama has been thanked for all of his efforts of fundamentally transforming America into a nation the Founding Fathers fought to get us away from by TIME Magazine.  That's right, Obama is this year's "Person of the Year."

At this rate, I am surprised he isn't sharing the honor with Kim Jung Un of North Korea, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Russia's Putin gets the honorable mention.

All of those tyrants are heroes to your hardened liberal leftists.

What makes sense doesn't matter anymore.  What makes economic sense doesn't matter to the democrats.  And the people, or at least the uninformed voters, don't understand the truth so they just believe all of the propaganda that comes out of the Obama administration's ministry of information.

Then, there are the accomplices.  The media is doing what they can to prop up the lies, and the failed policies of the democrats.  They do it by calling the radical jihadists "conservatives."  They do it by calling the anti-Semitic Nazi-wanna-be goons in Hungary "right-wing."  They don't report the truth, their goal is to shape public opinion, and they want your opinion to be that conservatives in America are no different than the Taliban, or Nazis.

Richard Stengel, the editor of TIME Magazine, ranks right up there with the most disgusting buffoons that are doing all they can to make Obama look wonderful as every policy he supports and puts into place fails again and again.  TIME Magazine chose Obama as their Person of the Year.  The failing magazine, which is losing readers faster than they can manage, still believes people care what the writers at TIME have to say, so they make Obama Person of the Year to prop him up, just in case a few people start nosing around the truth and discover that the liberal left has been lying all this time.

In his explanation for the decision to further glorify Barack Obama with his praises and devotion, Stengel explained that Obama is a symbol - a symbol of a new America.

On the Today Show Richard Stengel announced the Person of the Year with glee.  The hosts were joyously surprised.

"Oh, wow!" said David Gregory.

Stengel continued, "He won reelection despite a higher unemployment rate than anybody's had to face in 70 years. He's the first Democrat to actually win two consecutive terms with over 50% of the vote. That's something we haven't seen since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And he's basically the beneficiary and the author of a kind of new America, a new demographic, a new cultural America that, ummm, he is now the symbol of."

A New America.

He is the symbol of A New America.

Barack Obama has ushered in a new America, and now he is the symbol of that New America.

What does he mean, I wonder, by that?  What is the New America?

Let's see. . .

We have had in this nation during Obama's term as President the highest unemployment rate in 70 years.  Obama has also presided over the lowest rate of growth during the same.  Mercantilism, paying failing businesses to remain in business with federal money, increasing dependency on the government through food stamps, and other entitlement programs, and participating in the increase in jihadism in the Middle East, are also accomplishments under Barry's belt.  Is that what Stengel means by a New America?

Stengel continued, "Our story by Michael Scherer, our White House correspondent, really probes deeply into the 'data folks' at the White House who really help make it happen. And one of the things they found out is there's about 15% of voters who actually don't care about politics. These are the people we didn't know who are gonna show up at the polls who actually like Barack Obama, in the sense they feel like he's outside of politics."

They think Obama is outside of politics? Really?  And these people are a part of the 15% of voters who actually don't care about politics?  And they voted for Obama?  They actually like Obama?

In other words, the uninformed voters love the guy in the Oval Office (okay, fine, he is never in that room - it is an expression). They can't think politically beyond their welfare checks, because they don't understand, nor really care about, the issues, and these liberals are celebrating that Obama has earned the votes of those dopes?

Barack Obama is a cult of personality to these people.  He didn't earn their vote.  Obama bought their votes through federal money, and lies.  Obama, and the people around him, are socialist radicals, and the way they won was by promising unsustainable government gifts from the treasury to these people.

So what is the New America?


Obama does not want to save the economy. He wants it to continue to tank, because an economic crisis is exactly what he needs to continue to pretend he is bailing us out, when in reality he keeps putting more socialist puzzle pieces into place.  He wants a legacy, and Obama wants that legacy to be that he was the American President that finally did it.  He was the one that finally killed the Constitution, and turned the United States of America into a socialist country.

He wants people to believe he is the symbol of the New America, a President of the People, a President of the workers, and a President of the socialist revolution.

Obama is Person of the Year because the uninformed voters love him, and because he is finally killing capitalism.

That makes TIME Magazine complicit in the destruction of America.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Bigfoot said...

Obama won re-election with over 50% of the vote, just like FDR, and he has continued to trash our economy while blaming it on his GOP predecessor, just like FDR.

Oh well, at least it's not Sandra Fluke.