Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Republicans Abandon The Real Conservative Message

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Republican Party should be standing on conservative principles, but instead is offering the left what they think they want, with just a sprinkling of GOP demands.  The White House has rejected every offer, including one that mirrors what Nancy Pelosi has offered in the past.  That is because Obama wants what he wants. He will not compromise.  And when we go over the so-called fiscal cliff, he will then blame Republicans, and act like he is coming to the rescue.  The people watching the leftist media will eat it up, and the Republican Party will drop a few more rungs towards self-destruction.

John Boehner calls the new plan "Plan B."  The plan mirrors a plan Nancy Pelosi, liberal leftist extraordinaire, offered not too long ago.

The fiscal cliff, a catastrophe invented by the liberal left so that they may use fear to direct the GOP to do as they wish, means that the tax rates agreed on under George W. Bush will expire for everybody after the first of the year if a new plan is not in place, or they are not extended.  This means that everybody's tax rates will go up to what they were during the Clinton years. Included in that is also massive defense budget cuts.

Obama would love for us to go over this cliff, because he would get the tax hikes and defense budget cuts he wants, while also being able to blame the Republicans for it.  Then, he'll offer to reduce some of the taxes, and take back some of the defense cuts, and the people who voted for him will swoon as they fall more in love with the socialist-in-chief.

He will then have successfully made the GOP look even worse, and made himself look better, while taking away from the Republicans a couple of their platform issues.

Remember, Barry's goal is the destruction of the nation as it was founded, which also means the destruction of the political party that believes in the principles of our founding.

Then, after all of that dust settles, more and more of Obamacare will go into effect.  As a result, taxes will go up, and health care will decline as premiums also increase. The Republicans will also get blamed, because the propaganda will have already been established.

"It must be true," the democrats will argue. "After all, wasn't it the Republicans' fault we went over the fiscal cliff?"

Knowing that this is the liberal left's strategy, the GOP is doing what it can to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff.  John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, is proposing a number of plans to President Obama to avert the whole problem in the first place, and President Obama is rejecting every one of them.

None of the plans being offered, however, are conservative.  The House of Representatives has the constitutional authority of the purse strings, yet they are trying to wheel and deal with Obama using the left's tactics of increasing taxes as part of the deal.  The Republican Party's offers need to simply be spending cuts, and nothing more.  Then, when the Senate and Obama rejects it, the left will own it - if the GOP can also argue for what they did in a decent manner, they will win the information war.

But the Republicans are abandoning conservative principles in this fight, as if they have decided that conservatism is lost, so they have to argue for liberal-light.  The GOP needs to understand that the President, and the democrats, do not, and will not, compromise.  They want what they want, and that's it. Don't give it to them.  Stand your ground, fight for conservative principles, and the Republican Party will begin to turn around, and win the next election in a big way.

This wimping around trying to be more like the opposition is doing only one thing - moving us towards more big government.

There is no common ground between the two ideologies.  Liberalism doesn't need to be compromised with. .  they need to be defeated. Instead, the Republicans are acting like they don't want to fall back on conservative principles, with a small government that gets out of people's way and lets people keep more of what they earn.  The GOP seems to be saying, "Well, since the government has gotten big, we'll cave, and try to prove we can work a big government better than the democrats."

The Republicans are making a fatal error, and need to move back towards the limiting principles of the Constitution.

In negotiations, the good negotiators are willing to walk away from the deal. . . the Republicans are trying to be more like their opposition, and are squirming each time Obama rejects their plans. . . even as those plans move leftward with each offer.

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