Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff and Plan B

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Rather than push conservatism, the Republicans have decided to try to slow down the madness with moderate cuts in spending, and are even willing to throw in millionaire tax hikes.  Plan B holds a few extra GOP things that makes sense on the spending cut end of it - For example, rather than full entitlement reform, they are pushing for legislation that will require those on entitlements to simply prove they meet the qualifications.  The democrats are fighting against this.  I watched on C-Span today the democrats crying about how horrible requiring entitlement recipients to prove they meet the qualifications for their benefits is.

It's like Alice in Wonderland.  Nothing makes sense.

The democrats won the election, so now they really believe that the country has moved to the left.  They are willing to do all they can to get all they want, and they won't compromise one iota with the republicans.  And before it is all over, they will over-reach.

Obama will not cut spending in any way, shape, or form. His goal is to continue to grow spending.  Plan B, or Plan Z, it doesn't matter, unless the republicans capitulate 100%, there will be no deal.  Besides, Obama wants no deal.  He wants taxes to go up.  He wants to blame the GOP, then cut a little bit, but still get a raise in taxes overall, and destroy the Republican Party at the same time.  Remember, he is a socialist, and it is all about spending, handing out gifts from the treasury, and obliterating any opposition.

Speaker of the House Boehner erroneously believes that Obama doesn't want to go over the fiscal cliff.  The republicans think they have leverage.  They think a deal can be made.  Meanwhile, the media is reporting what Obama has been saying. . . that the Republicans are refusing to make a deal.

Remember, Obama doesn't want to fix the economy. He wants to be the guy who made America a socialist country.  He wants to go down in history as the guy who killed capitalism in the United States.
Obama wants to destroy his political opposition, silence anybody willing to speak out against him, and transform America into the opposite of what it was founded as.  Obama and the Democrats have a search-and-destroy mission on every Republican opponent, and nobody in the GOP seems to get that.  They keep thinking he is willing to wheel and deal.

Fact is, as long as Obama is president, and as long as the democrats remain in control, eventually everyone will pay the price.  Everybody's taxes are going up. They will claim they have to in order to pay for the programs that provides for the "common good."  Not a single person will escape tax increases in this country.

And as he is screwing everyone, the democrats will continue to blame the GOP, say it's because the republicans were trying to protect the rich, and the dumb people that keep voting democrat will believe that pile of crap.

And eventually, despite all of the damaging policies, Americans will throw up their hands, and work harder to survive despite Obama, the economy will slowly begin to show a sign of life, and Obama will get the credit for it.  That is how these people work.

Meanwhile, he will continue to blame the rich, and the productive, for our problems, so even those people will get screwed, too.  Then, we will sink again - just in time for the democrats to blame the republicans for that, too.

We are going over the democrat-created fiscal cliff because that is what Obama wants - and the Republicans don't seem to get that.

Our evidence is that Obama is even rejecting Democrat Party plans.  That's what a large part of Boehner's Plan B is.  Pelosi and Schumer suggested the same plan before - taxing millionaires only.  

The democrats all want your taxes to go up. They want your money and they want to spend it as their own. They don't want you keeping it because they believe it belongs to the government.

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