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Biden on Gun Control - "With, or without, Congress"

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By Douglas V. Gibbs

Political systems don't radically change without opposition, which is why statist ideologies include gun control, and eventually gun confiscation, in their political platform. Our Founding Fathers recognized this, and that is why the Revolutionary War was sparked when British troops, on their way to the colonist's largest stash of guns in Concord, met up with the militia on Lexington Green in Massachusetts. The British were coming for the guns - the last step by tyranny for full control, and the American Colonists were not going to stand for it.

Armed with knowledge about world history, as well as their own struggles, the founders realized after it was all over that though it took a bloody and costly war to secure their freedoms, the right to keep and bear arms is what made the miracle of independence possible.  Never again would they allow a tyrannical regime to control the people of this country.

Fearful of a despotic centralized government, the first system put into place was under the Articles of Confederation.  The Articles made the national government weak, and the president weaker.  The effort failed, and the primary failure was the government's inability to field an army to protect the States, and State Sovereignty.  However, the citizens of the fledgling nation feared a standing army, realizing that if a tyranny gained control of the government, it could use that army against the people of the nation.

A more powerful government, restrained by limited authorities and a system of checks and balances, was needed.  The Constitution of the United States established an exceptional and new kind of government with three separate branches, giving the legislature the most power as to enable the voice of the people, and the States, to hold back any tyrants that may inhabit the executive position of President.  In other words, according to Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution, all legislative powers were given to the Congress to keep the executive from acting without Congress.

Even treaties signed by the President, as well as various appointments, must be confirmed by one of the Houses of Congress, the U.S. Senate.

The fear was that an unchecked executive, or judiciary, could become an oligarchy through collusion, or by establishing a dictatorship.  The distrust of big government caused the Founding Fathers to even go further, and adopt a Bill of Rights, to make sure the protection of individual rights, and State Sovereignty, was as clear as can be.  Under that system, our nation has prospered, and has become the most powerful nation in the world.

The liberal left democrats in power have decided that the 236 years of success under such a system was not a good way to go, and they plan to pursue gun control by executive fiat if the Congress doesn't cooperate with their dictatorial demands.  The checks and balances mean nothing to these people.  It seems the ends justifies the means, and they are willing to shred the Constitution, and rob us of our God given rights, to make sure they secure power for longer than Obama's two terms.

Barack Obama saw the result of the last election to be a mandate to do whatever he pleases.  He considers himself a member of the ruling elite, and as the wise leader of the nation he must force us to follow his dictates. . . for the common good - with, or without, Congress.

With the liberal media in his corner, the opposition has been reduced to a far off voice, labeled as potential domestic terrorists, and right wing extremists.  The democrats have ridiculed their opposition into silence, and are moving forward with their plans as if they have all of the authority they want to do so.  They are looking for ways to shut down talk radio, disarm the public, and as the emerging example in New Hampshire against the "Free Staters" is showing, restrict the rights and freedoms of anyone who opposes them.

Bit by bit, the rights of the citizens are being limited.  Communication is next, as the federal government works to gain control over the Internet.  Obama has been working to gain a "kill switch" over the Internet, as they also work to create a national registry for guns, and ultimately, to confiscate all weapons.

After guns were confiscated in Great Britain, the occurrence of home invasions skyrocketed, and the rate of violent crimes rose dramatically.  In America, in addition to the inability to protect yourselves, gun confiscation would result in a situation where the only guns out there would only be in the hands of criminals, the police, and the military.  A standing army of the police state would then be able to be used against the defenseless populace.

The liberal left is working to do this by twisting the Constitution, and by circumventing the Congress.

Thomas Jefferson trusted central government so little that he suggested the United States may have to have a bloody revolution every twenty years to hold off tyranny.

I saw Red Dawn last night, a movie about in invasion against the United States, and how the citizens worked to thwart the enemy.  I believe Red Dawn is very possible, but the invasion will not be by foreign invaders, but from within.

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