Saturday, January 26, 2013

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs welcomes back Harmon Kaslow: Atlas Shrugged Part II Now On DVD!

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Today's guest is Harmon Kaslow to discuss the movie Atlas Shrugged Part II now being available on DVD.

After the interview we will discuss Prying1Book's Book of the Week, and a have book giveaway (and Pocket Constitution giveaway) to the listener that answers the Constitution Quest Question of the Week correctly.

Then, JASmius will join me for the. . .

5 Big Stories of the Week, January 26, 2013

Honorable Mention: Roe v. Wade 40th Anniversary

Honorable Mention: Sarkozy flees France over High Taxes

Honorable Mention: Netanyahu wins election in Israel

Honorable Mention: Algeria death toll over 80

Honorable Mention: Morsi receives gift of F-16s

Honorable Mention: Gun Control in America Begins

5.  Boehner: Obama Out To Annihilate Republican Party

4.  North Korean Nuclear Tests Eye United States

3.  Universities Suffer Under The Weight of Obamacare

2.  Hillary Clinton Testifies Before the United States Senate

1.  Court Finds Obama Recess Appointments to have been Unconstitutional


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JG said...

Shucks! Sorry we missed this weeks guest speaker. We are huge fans of the Atlas Shrugged film trilogy. Will tune in to your podcast later.
We plan to order our DVD when we return to the U.S.

Your loyal supporters,

John and Catherine in Canyon Lake. Writing from Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.