Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama's Executive Orders Work to Foundationally Change the U.S. Constitution, Gunning for the 2nd Amendment, next

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Barack Obama has used executive orders to put into place Cap and Trade after Congress voted it down. He raised the pay for himself, Biden, and Congress with an executive order as the nation trembled in fear over the fiscal cliff.  He used an executive order to force "diversity" upon businesses.  He established a commission with an executive order which turned out to go after BP over the Gulf Oil Spill, without due process (unconstitutional bill of attainder?)  - just to name a few.

Never mind the Congress.  Never mind that Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution grants legislative powers at the federal level only to Congress.

And now, he is planning to use executive fiat for gun control. . .

Joe Biden on guns: White House eying 19 executive actions - Politico

Obama: No haggling on debt ceiling, can use executive action to tighten gun laws - Fox News

New York's liberal nut-case Bloomberg is jumping in on the action:

Bloomberg urges Obama to defy Congress, implement gun control by executive action - Campus Reform

And New York's Cuomo, too!

Bill called 'toughest gun control package in the nation passed by New York Senate - Fox News

But there are Republicans, like Texas Republican House Member Steve Stockman, that are willing to impeach Obama if he uses executive orders to go after the Second Amendment:

GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control - Daily Caller

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