Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Dorner's Fiery End

By Douglas V. Gibbs

After a week of evading hundreds of police officers searching for him in the woods near Big Bear, Dorner made a mistake, revealed himself, and died.

Chris Dorner is the former Los Angeles Police Department cop that went on a cop-killing shooting spree.  He killed a couple in Irvine, a pair that included the daughter of a retired cop who also was Dorner's defense lawyer in a case that led to Dorner's dismissal.  He killed a Riverside cop.  He shot at and grazed a Corona cop.  And today he killed yet another cop during his panicked escape.

After stealing a silver truck, Dorner broke into a home and stole a white truck after tying up the couple.  Both truck owners called police, and the white truck was found quickly.  After a couple shootouts, one of which resulted in to injured officers (one of which died later in the hospital), Chris Dorner wound up penned up in a cabin.  A gun shot was heard before a fire broke out in the cabin.  The police let it burn out, and then found Dorner's charred body in the burned building.

He died by his own hand, rather than the blaze of glory in a shootout he imagined in his manifesto.  Fitting, for a gutless turd like Dorner.  He died scared, alone, and desperate.  Anyone who, out of angry selfish reasons, goes on a killing spree like that, deserves nothing less.

Chris Dorner should have cried out to God, but instead cried out to himself.

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Bigfoot said...

Reminds me of the fate of David Koresh. I know it won't be any consolation to the families and friends of Dorner's victims, but thankfully, he took far fewer people with him.