Sunday, February 10, 2013

CSCOPE - Secret School Curriculum Exposed

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A secret public school curriculum, which until now legally prohibited teachers from sharing the lessons with parents, has been exposed.  The CSCOPE program is being used in Texas, and among the lessons included in this curriculum (many of which have now been removed from the Online program) was that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism and Christians were cannibals.  The program also forced students to draw a socialist flag while imagining a new socialist country.

This is no surprise.  Though people refuse to accept the truth, the reality is that the Marxists in this country have a full grip on our public school system.

In April of 2011 I posted a video of Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teachers union leader (in the Tax the Rich shirt) and Megan Behrent a New York City teacher affiliated with the International Socialist Organization, explaining how to push Marxism in the public school classroom.

There is now a concerted effort to change CSCOPE, add elements of transparency and quality control, and no longer make the Online courses mandatory, but the truth of the matter is the iron grip by communists on education in America is designed to teach our kids the tenets of Marxism.  They won't stop, they will keep on pushing, unless we stop them by defeating them and removing them.

In addition to the communist teachings, the program also provides an unrealistic view of Islam, teaching that “Non-Muslims in conqueror territory are allowed religious freedom (for an additional tax).”

In reality, non-Muslims are killed in Islamic countries for exercising their faith. Almost one million Christians fled Iraq in the wake of the Iraq war because of the genocide there. Iran imprisons and executes Christians for sharing their faith.

The students, through this program, were also being taught that “Allah is the Almighty God…Allah alone is the Creator, He alone deserves our devout love and worship.”  This came from a section under the heading, “Who is Allah?” Some expressed concern that such verbiage lacks impartiality.

Wicca, thought by many to be akin to witchcraft, was being taught in the CSCOPE curriculum alongside Christianity, as well, but was removed before the news media could access it.

In CSCOPE World History/Social Studies, Lesson 2, Unit 3 under the heading, “Classical Rome,” students are told that Christianity is a “cult,” and given a link to a BBC article saying the early Christians were “cannibals,” i.e. the Eucharist, which students are then led to conclude is the reason for Roman persecution.

Realize, this was not stopped until parents got involved, and demanded the changes.  Complacency by the populace is statism's greatest weapon, and we should know better than to just hand them that kind of power.  Any program should be scrutinized - especially those programs hidden from the eyes of the parent.

Remember, this is not just a movement against parents here in the United States.  The United Nations treaty, Convention on the Rights of the Child, seeks to take away parental rights, forcibly handing our children over to the State to be trained in the manner the statists deem appropriate.

Remember, liberal leftists like Hillary Clinton thinks it takes a village to raise a child.  They don't believe parents should have the right to raise the child in the manner the parents see fit.  Only the all-knowing ruling elite knows what's best for your child, which can only be accomplished in a collective socially engineered by the all-knowing political elite.

Texas, where this CSCOPE controversy is currently brewing, is one of the few states remaining still resisting implementation of Common Core, Obama’s national standards initiative, which many feel is a transparent attempt to nationalize education and progressively control classroom content with minimal parental oversight.

Implementation of Common Core is known to have been made a condition of school systems’ receipt of federal dollars under Obama’s “Race to the Top” program.

Federal funding for our schools, or any federal regulations regarding our schools, by the way, is unconstitutional.  Schools were supposed to be maintained and operated by local systems like the States, and community governments.  This kind of local administration of the schools would better enable the local citizenry to oversee the education of their children.

Once again, as I stated earlier, the onslaught will not stop.  Protecting our children from the claws of statism requires our eternal vigilance.  Homeschooling and private schools also serve as alternatives, if the parent is capable of utilizing those avenues of educating their children.

Through the children is how tyranny gains a grip on a society.  Hitler used to surround himself with children when pushing his next agenda item.

So does Obama.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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