Monday, February 18, 2013

Liberal Democrats, Going For Broke

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The liberal democrats are doing whatever they can to finish what the progressive era started.  Obama's legacy, or at least the one he and his fellow democrats want to be remembered for, is not pulling us out of economic troubles, but to be the administration that finally destroyed the free market, eliminated the American System, and fundamentally changed America at its foundations into a socialist nation where big government reigns supreme, and the opposition was finally annihilated.

The children have been indoctrinated by the public schools, morning cartoons, entertainment industry and the media.  They are now adults, and most of the voters willing to go to the polls are dependent upon the government, could care less about any issue beyond their gifts from the federal treasury, and believe the propaganda being put forth by the liberal left.  They hate the rich, hate corporations, believe they must allow the government to mandate their energy usage to save the planet, and are convinced that everything America has done in history to become the most prosperous country on Earth was evil, racist, and unfair.

Taxing the rich causes outsourcing, and a mass exodus of businesses out of this country.  Obama claims the republican policies are what sends companies overseas, yet his taxation plans and heavy liberal regulatory madness is driving producers away.

Samuel Adams called policies like those of Obama's the schemes of utopianism.  They want Heaven on Earth.  They want man to replace God, but since everyone is not hip with their agenda of collectivism they feel they have to force it on you.  To achieve their perfect world of utopia where everyone conforms to the equality they believe should exist, they must eliminate any remnants of individualism.

In a position of power humans can't be trusted.  Even as the ruling elite grab more power, they try to convince us, and themselves, that they are doing it for the greater good.  In reality, as freedoms are slowly stripped away, we are descending into a condition of slavery.

By placing community, through the force of government, higher than the individual, the bureaucrats are destroying the community.  The Marxist theory that individualism can't be trusted is what drives today's liberal left, and as a result they have aligned themselves against individual success.

Obama, and the current crop of liberal left democrats, are mercantilists.  They believe that economies function best when the government picks the winners and losers, as evidenced by Obama's "investment" in the failed green technology industry.  Government can't make an industry succeed, because success of an industry is driven by individual success - a drive for profit, which the liberal left is trying to make a bad thing, calling it greed, and using that as a way to drive a wedge between the successful, and those that are in the labor force.

In reality, what the liberal left democrats are doing is shifting all of the money from the private sector to the government.  That is what these stimulus packages have been all about - injecting government money into the economy by feeding it to democrat-party-supporting-unions and businesses.  Doing this, however, devalues the dollar, taking value away from the private sector.

Unfortunately, you can't reason with the unreasonable.  The liberals have so invested themselves in their ideology that they have cashed in their morals and ethics.  These liberals claim to support freedom, while embracing an ideology that is all about eliminating choice for the sake of growing government.

In the end, liberalism will collapse because of its failed policies, its unwillingness to use the market forces that create prosperity, and its moral depravity.

When talking about Barack Obama, liberals like Tony Kushner, the screenplay writer of the Lincoln movie with Daniel Day Lewis, explains the liberal thought process well. When discussing Obama, he said, "What I think he's done that Lincoln did was to constantly articulate for the people while making sausages, while making these compromises. The place that we're ultimately headed for, he's been very careful to say that he rejects the idea that government is evil. There's a rejection of the sort of basic idea of human community behind the Reagan, behind Reagan era ideology that is really frightening and that leads us to terrible, terrible places. We have no hope for survival as a species if we continue down the path of this kind of psychotic individualism."

Psychotic individualism.  You can't be an individual in the world of the liberal left.  Theirs is a world where government is everything.  In their world government is always benevolent, individuals are dangerous, and compliance to the societal norm as dictated by the government is the only chance for survival.  Give up your freedom, give up your rights, and give up your individualism for the sake of the collective.

Resistance is futile.

The liberal left in America tastes the prize. They believe they have finally moved into position to turn America away from its exceptionalism.  The American System to these people is evil, for it allows people to be self-reliant and free individuals.  The liberal left believes you must be told how much soda you are allowed to drink, that you must breast-feed your child, that you must not eat trans-fats, you must wear a seat belt, your guns must be taken away from you unless they approve of it, a limit must be placed on your income through a progressive tax system, and government must control your every action because they are paying for your health care.  And if you want to resist, they will confiscate the rest of your guns while they are at it.

As a result of the economic collapse being orchestrated by the liberal left, which they need to happen in order to gain full control of all private industries (after all, as Rahm Emanuel said, you can't let a crisis go to waste), the State of Texas is threatening to secede.  The warfare against the founding principles of this nation by the democrats has led law enforcement to come down on people for being supporters of the United States Constitution.  Wealthy Americans are leaving the country and renouncing their citizenship in record numbers because of the liberal democrat policies on taxation and regulation.  Under the pressure of bigger government, State governors, even ones claiming to be conservative, are caving in and falling in line as Obama demands - such as in the case of Ohio Governor Kasich regarding Obamacare.  We have a liberal President in Obama that believes he can put out a kill order on Americans with drones, and all he has to do is suspect that they are terrorists. . . and his definition of terrorism will shift, and will include in the long run even his political enemies.  Remember, domestic terrorists are defined as being members of groups that are considered by the left to be "anti-government," like veterans, the TEA Party, and constitutionalists.

I wonder if the democrats would condone this kind of governmental power if a republican was in office?  Or better yet, what would they have said if George W. Bush had tried even half of this crap?

They aren't worried.  The liberal democrats believe the war is over.  The opposition has been neutered.  They believe there will never be another non-democrat president.  With the power they believe they have, they are going for broke.

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