Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obama Releases Illegal Alien Criminals, Denies Involvment

President Obama, the administration claiming it is because of the coming sequester (or which Obama chooses what to cut, according to the sequester) has conducted an illegal prisoner release.  The release of illegal alien criminals, later, was claimed to be the actions of ICE, and not the Obama administration.  In fact, Obama claims to have no knowledge of the action.

Amazing how he can separate himself from his own policies.  It's like he is still voting "present."

If it turns out to be a fantastic deal, he will take credit. If it blows up in his face, he will claim no responsibility, and try to find a way to blame the outcome on the republicans.

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DHS Releasing Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants, Blaming Budget Cuts - Fox News

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Bigfoot said...

Obama and Napolitano should be forced to explain why this prisoner release was the only way DHS could save money, and why it absolutely had to be done now and couldn't wait.