Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope's Resignation

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I am not a Catholic. My wife, and my father, were raised in the Catholic Church, but as adults chose another path.  Therefore, I don't understand all of the fuss over the Pope.  As a Constitutionalist, I am not real fond of systems where power is given to only a few people, or a single person is held up in such majesty.

Pope Benedict's announcement that he will resign, after 600 years of Popes only leaving office because of death, does not affect me a whole bunch.  But, that said, I did not assume the worst, either.  He says he's tired, and his age may prevent him from doing his duties as much as he'd like.  Fair enough.  I suppose I am cool with that, not that it should matter to me.

It does matter to Catholics, however, and for that reason I plan to be reasonable about the sudden decision by the Pope.

The liberal left failed to practice such restraint, claiming that the child molestation cases regarding priests is what forced him to resign.

Until some kind of evidence of the sort emerges, I plan to take him for his word.  You can decide as you like, but attacking the man is probably not the best thing to do.

I don't know, call it common courtesy.

I will say one thing, however.  It was interesting that lighting hit the basilica of St.Peter's dome during a storm that struck Rome on the same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation.

Perhaps it was just coincidence.  Perhaps not.  Hard to say.

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