Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sequester Lie

By Douglas V. Gibbs

President Barack Obama and the liberal democrats have painted a picture of doom and gloom if the scheduled March 1 sequester goes into action. . . and all of the carnage, they claim, will be the Republican Party's fault. . . especially those pesky conservatives in the GOP.

With trillions of dollars of government spending, they expect you to believe that a mere $85 billion will collapse everything.  They want you to believe the federal government is everything to everybody, and the slightest drop in spending will doom us all!

The sequester was Barack Obama's idea.  In 2011 he vowed to veto any attempt to stop the sequester.  The sequester is not a cut in spending.  It is, instead, a decade long reduction in the future growth in spending.  In other words, the federal government will continue to spend more money each year, than the previous year, but with the sequester they will not spend as much more as they had originally planned.

All hell will not break loose.  If anything, the cuts aren't enough. . . because they are not actually spending cuts.

It is all scare tactics.  They are crying wolf, and hoping once again the republicans back down.  I say, "Bring it on."  Let the sequester go into action.

The problem is, I put nothing past the democrats.  When everyone was positive Romney would win, they launched an incredible "get out the vote" effort, along with some fraudulent tactics, and an attack campaign that left people dizzy in regards to Romney.  It would not surprise me that if the sequester goes into action, the democrats stage crisis after crisis to make people think the "spending cuts" devastated the precious government.  There is no reason the sequester would affect anything.  It is like cutting a dime out of my paycheck.  It is like a fly smacking someone in the helmet as they ride their motorcycle.  Yet, we are expected to believe that the fly will knock the riders off the bike.

It is all lies, but I am thinking they will back up the lies with more lies to convince everyone that the sequester caused collapse, and it is the republican party's fault.

Remember, these people want to eliminate all opposition.  This is just another tactic to do so.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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