Tuesday, February 12, 2013

They Want Rebellion

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As Barack Obama's second term as President of the United States begins its first year, fellow democrats throughout the country, following Obama hard left lead, are kicking up their liberalism a few notches.  Obama's inauguration speech sounded like a leftist manifesto, and the State of the Union promises to be more of the same.  Bloomberg has been pushing his hard left agenda in New York City with a vengeance, Illinois has gone beyond the point of insanity, and the State of New York has passed nanny-state laws, gun control laws, that border on totalitarian tyranny.

Not to be outdone, California is trying to top New York with a gun control proposal that bans most guns out there, and does it with an ex post facto flair.  Never mind that retroactive law is completely unconstitutional because Article I, Section 10 forbids State from passing retroactive laws, or that infringing on gun rights is an illegal attack against a right given to us by God.  These people think their high and mighty post in whatever capitol building they reside in makes them the ultimate decision makers over individual lives.

News of all of this has finally gotten to me.  The normally calm, optimistic, Douglas V. Gibbs became very angry yesterday, and I told my wife it is time to get the hell out of this State.  California has been our home all of our lives, and our two kids and six grandchildren are here.  Despite my rantings that we need to move to our little piece of paradise on the Oregon Coast, my wife assured me we aren't going anywhere.  It looks like the guns may go to Oregon, but we are staying put.

Anger.  I have gotten to the point of real anger that has me thinking in ways I don't normally think. . . and that is exactly what the liberal left is shooting for.

I remember when I was younger I tried to get in a fight with someone.  Normally, I was one that got along with everybody, but this particular jerk always pushed me to anger.  One day, I decided to turn the tables on him.  I began to poke at him, say things about his girlfriend and mother, and push my screaming face in his.  I was not going to hit him unless he hit me first.  I needed him to strike out first.  If he started the fight, it would give me an excuse to beat him to a pulp, and then say innocently that he had started it - it was his fault.

That is what the democrats are trying to do.  They have always accused the conservatives of being violent.  They have been accusing every shooter of being a TEA Party member, even though the evidence reveals that each of the violent ones out there catching the attention of the media have been hard left liberals.

If they can't catch the right-wingers being violent, they are thinking, perhaps they can drive us to violence.

An all out assault is underway, and the guns are the primary tool of torture.  They are hoping that going after the guns will result in blood in the streets.  They think it is more than liberal ideas that I want to kill.  The President is fully behind this, and lawmakers like the California legislature are willing to push the envelope over the deep end, in the hopes of inciting violence from the political right.

They want anger.  They want insurrection.  They want rebellion.  They want blood in the streets.  Then, they can finish destroying the opposition by arresting them for reason of sedition, and claim it was the rightwinger's fault.  They want the violence, and they are willing to push us as far as they feel necessary to bring us to that point of rage.

We have to be smarter than that as long as we can be.

Perhaps, eventually, this will get ugly, but until there is no option left available, we have to use the current tools available to us, and defeat the statists of the Democrat Party in the voting booth, in the courts, and through heavy involvement both locally and at the national level.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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