Monday, March 25, 2013

Central African Republic Next African Nation Under Islamic Attack

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The violence has only begun.

Following the news of rebels in the Central African Republic battling the government of the poverty stricken nation, the media has failed to give much detail on what is fueling the rebel's fight.  I figured it was just another hot zone, until I did some research.

The Central African Republic, a French Colony until 1960, borders Islamic Sudan and Chad, but Muslims in the country are a minority.  Wikipedia indicates that Muslims account for only 10% of the population, and Christians comprise 80% of the population.  The U.S. State Department's website, from a report from a few years ago, gives slightly different numbers, placing the Christians at 50%, and Islam as possessing 20% of the population.

Understanding Islam, one realizes it is a barbaric political ideology that masks as a religion, with the intention of dominating the societies it infests, and ultimately dominating the entire world.  As the percentage of the population of Muslims in a nation increases, Islam becomes louder, and more aggressive, taking more action towards influencing the host nation as their numbers increase.  Once the Islamists believe they can take control, they take action, which is what is happening in the Central African Republic.

The rebel organization has ousted the president of the nation, and has gained control of the capital, and though some reports are not sure the group is dominated by Muslims, it is clear that Islam is behind the group, and they seek to impose Islam on the nation.  Despite being the minority, the members of the Islamic system in that African country believes they are supreme, above the rest of the population, and that the non-Muslims are inferior and must be controlled, and ultimately converted, by Islam.  Death, conversion, or dhimmitude are the options to those that fall under control of the new Islamic regime that is on the horizon.

A new page in the history of the Central African Republic has turned, according to the rebels, and they are right.  Another country is falling to the totalitarian tyranny of an oppressive Islamic regime.  Seleka, the rebel group, makes claims that they will work with all people in the nation, but ultimately, the truth of the matter is, Islam will gain full control, and all other groups will be persecuted, murdered, and treated as members of a lower class.

The chaos in the Central African Republic has just begun.

Once the Muslim Brotherhood gets involved, and they may already be through Seleka, Darfur and other atrocities may look small compared to the bloodshed coming to the Central African Republic as the Muslims seek to cleanse the nation of Christians.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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