Sunday, March 24, 2013

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack Against U.S. Bases in Japan, Guam

North Korea issues fresh threat to U.S., South probes hacking

North Korea said it would attack U.S. military bases on Japan and the Pacific island of Guam if provoked, a day after leader Kim Jong-un oversaw a mock drone strike on South Korea.

The North also held an air raid drill on Thursday after accusing the United States of preparing a military strike using bombers that have overflown the Korean peninsula as part of drills between South Korean and U.S. forces.

North Korea has stepped up its rhetoric in response to what it calls "hostile" drills between South Korea and the United States. It has also been angered by the imposition of fresh U.N. sanctions that followed its February 12 nuclear test.

Separately, South Korea said a hacking attack on the servers of local broadcasters and banks on Wednesday originated from an IP address in China, raising suspicions the intrusion came from North Korea.

"The United States is advised not to forget that our precision target tools have within their range the Anderson Air Force base on Guam where the B-52 takes off, as well as the Japanese mainland where nuclear powered submarines are deployed and the navy bases on Okinawa," the North's supreme military command spokesman was quoted as saying by the KCNA news agency.

Japan and U.S. Pacific bases are in range of Pyongyang's medium-range missiles.

It is not known if North Korea possesses drones, although a report on South Korea's Yonhap news agency last year said it had obtained 1970s-era U.S. target drones from Syria to develop into attack drones.

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joetote said...

Something I've said in commenting on more than one site.

One quick thought. NK has nukes. NK has a system that can lob those nukes over the border. If memory serves, we have roughly 35,000 troops in SK. Also, one cannot negotiate with madmen and ideological fanatics. Hell, just look at our leaders.

History shows ingrediants like above mix and become volatile to say the least. Not a good prescription for peace I would say.