Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Illegal Immigration: Undermining America, Gaining Democrat Voters

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Democrat Party is not out to do what is best for America, but what they think is best for the Democrat Party.  Everything these people do is about ideology, and moving the party of fools forward.  Amnesty is one of those tools.  Amnesty will make legal millions of potential democrat voters.  Why vote democrat?  The border jumpers have been told the Republican Party is the party of racists, anti-immigration, and the party of the rich - and the bulk of minorities, including the illegal aliens, believes that well-designed onslaught of propaganda.

The drain on our system caused by illegal immigrants, who have no interest in assimilation, and carry with them an allegiance to their home country over any inclination towards American laws and culture, is more than our system can maintain.  There are billboards in Mexico instructing potential border jumpers to use our system of entitlements, to take advantage of programs paid for by American tax payers.

Once here, an illegal act in itself, the general tendency is to refuse to abide by our laws, refuse to learn to speak English, and to suck on the millions of our tax dollars that goes into translating every single document so that Spanish can be on the back of these documents.

Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution requires that the federal government protect the States from invasion.  Immigration laws are on the books.  But the leftists, and their GOP Establishment allies, refuse to enforce the law, and believe it or not the biggest contention over new immigration laws are whether or not the border should be secured.

Meanwhile, the invading army of illegals are using our services, and are taking our jobs.  And why are the democrats perfectly happy to allow this?  Because it equals, in the long run, more democrat voters.

Opportunities are being granted, and the border runners are taking advantage of these things.  And the democrats are doing anything they can to keep pushing this to their advantage, taking away the privilege of citizenship, and handing it out freely.  Holder even went so far as to call amnesty a "civil right."  Does that mean that each and every human on this planet as the "right" to come to America, regardless of our immigration laws, and become a leech on our taxpayers?

A California bill even goes so far as to propose that non-citizens can serve jury duty in California, allowing the people who have no respect for our laws to serve on a jury in a court of law.

The message?  The rule of law means nothing, and the democrats are your friends.  The leftists are on your side.  La Raza, and the Mexican government, are telling these people that if you enter illegally you should be able to access the American job market, have all of the Constitutional rights afforded citizens (remember, Holder even believes jumping the border is a "right"), and it doesn't matter if you are not a citizen.  Borders mean nothing, and citizenship means nothing.  As my liberal left cousin likes to say, "We are all Americans, from Canada down to the southern tip of South America."

The democrats then say that the GOP is the enemy, not because of the law, but because they don't like the color of your skin.  Everything is turned upside down.  But the problem is, the democrats don't really care about these people.  They see them only as a political weapon.  Tools.  The left does not see the illegals as human beings, but as potential voters, and a means in their plans to eliminate the opposition.

Socialism is the root cause.  The people in power promise government, while hiding that they are gaming the system, and are accumulating power for themselves.  The leaders game the system, moving themselves through the power structure for their own benefit, and then promise government goodies to anyone that will help them achieve such power.  The democrat voters, and the illegals, are simply pawns to be used.  They are not important to the democrats, except as they can be manipulated to allow the leftists to gain more power.

Individualism, or any desire by people to make a better life for themselves through self-reliance, is frowned upon by the liberal left socialists.  They preach equality, but consider themselves above everyone else.  They take from those that have succeeded through hard work and taking risks, and redistribute it to those who don't, claiming it is for equality, when it is really just another tool to enable the ruling class to remain at the top, and force everyone else into mediocrity.  Leave the people in misery - equal misery - while the ruling class accumulates more and more power.  They try to take everything over, for power.  Car companies, the banks, health care.  All tyrants in history have attempted that.  It is the way of tyranny, communism, and any other ideology that places itself above the people, and kills liberty.  Misery for all, except for the chosen few at the top.

The illegal aliens think the democrats are in their corner, willing to help them out, but they are nothing more than tools.  They are simply numbers of people being manipulated into position to secure liberal left power.

Illegal aliens are not even people, to the left.  They are simply a means for power.

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