Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden's Questionable Associations

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Edward Snowden is the man who broke open the NSA snooping scandal, revealing to the public that the federal government's use of surveillance is not as limited as claimed.  In fact, his testimony, as well as other tidbits that have surfaced, has shown us that not only did Obama lie when he criticized Bush's use of intelligence to tap into communications between foreign sources that could be associated with terrorist groups, and domestic connections, but that now Barack Obama's policies make Bush's look like a day at the fair.  Barack Obama's warrantless intrusion into American privacy is George W. Bush on steroids.

Snowden exposed the reality of Barack Obama's policies regarding intelligence gathering through evesdropping on Americans, and instead of being critical of Obama, as they would be if it was a Republican President, the media, and the progressive political establishment, are circling the wagons.  Barack Obama has so far been safe from the onslaught of scandals, and the NSA scandal is being deflected away from him, largely by placing blame on isolated incidents and people, and believe it or not, they are also blaming Bush.

The American Public, or at least a good sized segment of the leftist population among our citizenry according to one poll, the very same people that were shouting at Bush and calling him Hitler because of the Patriot Act, are now just fine with the democrat party's use of warrantless surveillance.

A case of, "We disagree if your guy does it, but if our guy does it, we trust him."

That is not to say that everyone left of center is fine with government snooping.  Snowden's testimony has revealed that the big brother madness goes deeper than anyone thought, and as a result of the severity of the scandal, there are actually some members of the liberal left that have decided that Snowden's information may be valid, and they may need to be angry with the Obama administration.

The democrat party, over this issue, is in Jekyll and Hyde mode.

What is disconcerting about all of this, however, is that despite public opinion, and whether or not Snowden is a traitor for revealing federal government surveillance techniques, or a hero for revealing to the American Public how the federal government is acting unconstitutionally with their electronic warrantless search and seizure, the first place Edward Snowden escaped to was Hong Kong, which is now under the control of China, and then he fled to Russia.  The latest is that Snowden is looking to seek asylum in Equador, a system dominated by the PAIS Alliance - a powerful socialist political movement.

Strange socialist bedfellows for a person that conservatives and libertarians are holding up high for his whistleblowing for freedom from a powerful and intrusive federal government.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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