Saturday, July 27, 2013

Obama Says We Need To Fix The Economy

By Douglas V. Gibbs

President Barack Obama has spoken to the people: "We need to fix the economy."

Hasn't he been saying that for nearly five years already?

El Presidente has no interest in fixing the economy.  Why fix it, when the liberal left can tear us down by devaluing the dollar, ultimately crashing the system when the dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency, and then forcing us into a global currency which will ultimately erase our borders, our sovereignty, and our individual liberties?

Obama's recent speech about how we need to fix the economy, instead of being distracted by "political posturing and phony scandals," even has the liberal media scratching their heads.

Who is buying this tripe other than the uninformed government dependents that believe everything he says without question?

Unfortunately, the republicans are buying it.

Where is their response?  They are so busy trying to be more like their opposition that they keep blowing opportunity after opportunity to expose this lying bastard for what he is.  He is saying the things he said during his campaign in 2008.  Obama is telling us that it is time somebody has gotten serious about the economy, and the way things have been going just won't work.

Has he not been in office for over a full term?

Yes, I get it, presidents don't directly influence economies to the positive.  They work with the legislators, and so forth, and the potential for growth does not lie in government, but in the private sector.  But Obama has not been working with the Congress, and he has been doing what he can to impede the private sector.  In fact, he acts as if Congress isn't there, and that businesses are the enemy.  He is doing everything through executive orders and his regulatory agencies to bypass Congress, and handcuff the business world.  Obama has been doing nothing to help the economy, and has been spending us into oblivion - and suddenly he is saying someone else is at fault for the faltering economy?

It's like if you were pushing a wheel barrow up a hill, and Obama was tossing large stones into it, but saying to you, "Someone has got to make your load lighter," and then you agreeing and thanking him for the words.

Then the republicans are walking around your wheel barrow saying, "Yeah, we agree, we will figure out a way to make your load lighter, but we just have to figure out another way of doing it," as they toss some of their own stones into your burden.

How about we just start taking stones out of the damn thing?

In the economy, that would be called: Cutting Spending and getting rid of the federal influence being imposed on the corporate community!!!

The Republican Party has lost their mind on this, however.  They are so busy trying not to be disliked by people that will never like them that they are not pointing at the absurdity of Barack Obama blaming others for a faltering economy when he, and his cronies, have been in control for five years (seven if you count when the democrats first took control of Congress).  The GOP has the House of Representatives, or at least has for the last couple years, and they aren't even trying to use what little influence they have to stop this train wreck.  The democrats have been largely doing as they please, and then Obama is still blaming some invisible force for being at fault for the lack of economic growth.

Government can't create jobs, and they can't help the economy, but they can kill jobs and destroy the economy.  Obama keeps telling us the government, as if he is not a part of it, needs to get busy fixing the economy, as they destroy it.  The fix is simple.  Stop destroying the economy, get out of the way, and let capitalism use the free market to do its magic.

That means the government needs to reduce spending, stop printing fiat money, reduce taxation (we now have the highest corporate tax rate in the world among developed nations), and eliminate the regulations that are keeping businesses from growing, developing new products, and the regulations that is making it impossible to launch start-ups.

If government gets out of the way, and profit becomes a driving force, jobs will be created, benefits will be offered, and wages will go up.

Meanwhile, President Obama, without being able to create anything but government jobs, more massive spending, misery, and a worsening ailing economy, is telling people that now that he's been in office for nearly five years it is time to tackle the economy, and he's going to lead the charge. . . and the idiots out there are applauding him, excited over hearing the same rhetoric they've been hearing for five years.

Shouldn't they be asking, "Hey, you've been president for five years, and you haven't done anything about this, yet?"

It's like when he rails against the crumbling infrastructure, as he did in 2008.  Should the bridges and roads be built by now?  You promised it, and now you are doing it again.  What have you been doing for five years? - aside from golfing, taking vacations, campaigning, and destroying everything you touch?

It's like the multiple divorcee of a dozen marriages.  How long before they realize that perhaps after twelve failed marriages, that just maybe, it's them that is the problem?

Obama, however, can't look at himself and say that maybe it's him, because he acts as if he is an outsider on purpose.  This is all by design.  The destruction is planned so as to knock America down a few notches.  He said in a speech this week, "Washington has taken its eye off the ball, and it has to stop."

Is he not in Washington?  Is he not the big Kahuna? Does he have nothing to do with what goes on in Washington?

He "IS" Washington, but Obama is telling us that Washington hasn't been paying any attention to the economy, and it's gotta stop. Washington has been focusing on the IRS. Washington has been focusing on Benghazi. Washington's been focusing on Trayvon Martin. Washington's been focusing on all of these things, and it's gotta stop. Washington's got to start caring about you again.

Are you kidding me?

He's doing what he's accusing everyone else of doing.  He is throwing up smoke bombs. . . he is trying to distract you from the chaos and madness he is perpetrating by design.

He's talking about Washington, and the economy, like it is 2008, again.  It is still Bush's fault, I suppose.  And the people in the crowd as Obama uttered his madness were eating it up.  They were applauding, and nodding their heads.  I am surprised they weren't shaking their fists at whoever is out there, somewhere, that is bringing down this nation that Obama has sworn to campaign against - even though that straw man does not exist!

Here's Obama's exact words. . . and as you read this, remember he has been doing this for five years. . .

"With this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington's taken its eye off the ball. And I'm here to say this needs to stop. There are Republicans in Congress right now who privately agree with me on a lot of the ideas I'll be proposing. I know because they've said so. But they worry they'll face swift political retaliation for cooperating with me."

He is creating an enemy out of thin air.  And what phony scandals?  They are real scandals against a phony president.  It's like OZ.  Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain, or all of the damage he is causing.  Just believe my lies, and grin as everything falls apart.  And when all hell breaks loose, he is telling us, don't forget that it is all the republican party's fault, and the TEA Party's fault, and Thomas Jefferson's fault. . .

The man is pathologically wrong in the head. . . or he's a Marxist working to finish what he started.

And the GOP is right there with him, shaking their fists in the air, screaming, "Yeah, damn those Washington demons!"

Obama says, "There are plenty of Republicans who agree with me. But they are afraid to say so." Again, creating a mythical foe.  Who are these people?  Name them.  Bring them out of the shadows.  If doing what you are doing is such a good idea, pull them into the fold.

If those republicans are too afraid to admit it, then how do we know they are out there?

He wants you to believe that the politicians are not the problem.  There is some invisible obstacle, some group, some ideology that is in the way.  It is back to the division he has been fomenting all along.  It is Zimmerman and Trayvon, but in government.  Pull out the pitchforks and torches, for the right wing conservatives are stopping Washington from doing what it wants. . . that is what he is saying.  The conservatives won't help Obama, he is saying, and the republicans won't publicly help Obama, even though they tell him they agree with him, because they are afraid of the conservatives.  That is what he is trying to convince you of.

Divide and Conquer.  Insinuate the enemy, and be the rebel leader against them. . . even though you are the problem, and you are who you claim to be fighting against.

It is maddening.

We are consuming more than we are manufacturing, and we are economically collapsing as a result.  If we don't get government to get out of the way, and allow manufacturing to do its thing, we are done. Remember, Obama thinks consumption spurs growth, but what good is it if there are no products, and nobody to produce them, because government stands in the way?

Ultimately, Obama's policies are destroying this economy and he is blaming it on some invisible foe, while insinuating the problem is them right wingers.  He's destroying the economy, blaming it on others, and is now telling you it is time to get serious about the economy.

He's suggesting we do what the politicians in Detroit did.

Detroit taxed the rich, created division among the races, and drove out the rich, and the white, and with the producers gone and racial division engulfing the city, and government spending going up with government pensions, and government programs, and so forth, the city wound up destroyed.

This country became prosperous because of the free market, and individualism.  Individuals, driven by the opportunity to make profit, were innovative, industrious, and became wealthy.  And as those individuals, following their individual dreams, did better, jobs were created, goods were produced, and the market thrived.  Government is an obstacle.  Government is quelling the free market, regulating us into poverty, and destroying the business sector.

He wants this entire country to be like Detroit, and his liberal left mindless automaton voting class is buying it as being a good thing.

Obama is trying to turn this country into Detroit, and he is being applauded for it.

He is finally ready to go to work, he says, on the economy.

That is what I truly fear.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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