Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fort Hood Shooter, Nidal Hasan, Gets Death Penalty

By Douglas V. Gibbs

After providing for his own defense in court, and proclaiming he wanted the death penalty so that he could be a martyr, Nidal Hasan, the sick Islamic Fort Hood shooter that slaughtered 13 people in 2009, was sentenced to the death penalty on Wednesday after the jury deliberated for only two hours.  Some family members of the victims cried as the sentence was being read, but Hasan, in his wheel chair, paralyzed from the chest down from injuries from the shooting, remained emotionless.

Some are of the opinion that the death sentence should not have been granted, because of the fact that the Muslim shooter wanted that penalty so that he could be considered a martyr for Muhammad.  Hasan also wanted the death penalty because being partially paralyzed is a fate worse than death for Muslims, and he also wants out of his body that is unable to carry out anymore jihad.

The death penalty is appropriate.  In fact, the death penalty is too good for this Islamic jihadist that killed these people without remorse, without mercy, and for the purpose of fighting the Islamic jihad against America.  The traitor deserves a death by firing squad, that begins by picking off  parts of his body one by one, and then when he finally can't stand anymore pain, finally firing the killing shot.

For the families of the victims of his murderous rampage, and for the victims of other jihadist attacks, this man should be made an example.  For all of Islam to see, he should be brought to the point where he can't wait to die because of the pain, and then explained to that after he dies, he would be buried with the entrails of pig so that in his religion he would also not go to see Allah, but instead go straight to Hell.

It would be amazing how rare terrorism would be committed against the United States if we did that.  Call me radical, call me a hater, but a mere death by injection is too good for somebody like Nidal Hasan.

Oh, one more thing: You will notice in all of the mainstream media coverage of this case, Hasan is never referred to as Muslim.  He is a Major, a psychologist, and a shooter, but they almost never refer to the fact that he is Muslim, or that he committed these murders for Allah and Islam.

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Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Hasan sentenced to death - Fox News

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