Monday, September 23, 2013

The Other Side Of Gun Control

by JASmius

Crime Increase In Chicago Governor Open To Putting National Guard On Streets - Martial Law?

And there it is: "If you're a parent, and you're facing kids going to school and you're worried about [their safety], I don't think your really care where the help comes from..."  Never mind the Constitution, never mind the evisceration of the Second Amendment in Chicago that has made the "Windy City" Murder Central, never mind the Donks' deliberate undermanning of the Chicago PD under the excuse of [snicker] "budget constraints" while their public employee union bread & circuses party on untouched - We can't scrap our anti-gun, race war-inciting policies, no, no, we must impose martial law instead, for the children (that we allow to be born).

Chicago is the testing ground, folks.  If Governor Quinn sends in the troops, another Rubicon will have been passed, for which Illinois is O's coal mine canary.

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