Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Virginia Student Suspended For Playing With Toy Gun...At Home

by JASmius

In the past, some schools have been rather strict about discouraging gun violence facsimiles to some ridiculous lengths, but at least these incidents occurred on school property. But a seventh grader in Virginia and his friend have now been suspended from school for shooting an airsoft gun... in his front yard.

The two boys were waiting for the bus. They did not bring the toy gun to school, let alone on the bus. It stayed on private property. But that was apparently enough for the Virginia Beach City Public School System to suspend Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark and even "recommended to be expelled for a year."

Interestingly enough, the school was not the instigator of the complaint, it was a neighbor who was concerned about the boys playing with the fake gun.

A neighbor saw Khalid shooting the airsoft gun in his front yard. She told the dispatcher, "He is pointing the gun, and it looks like there's a target in a tree in his front yard".

WAVY.com located the 911 caller and spoke to her. She confirmed Khalid was taking target practice using a zombie hunter airsoft gun to kill the zombies. There was also a net behind the target to catch the plastic pellets.

The caller also knew the gun wasn't real and said so, "This is not a real one, but it makes people uncomfortable. I know that it makes me (uncomfortable), as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun," she told the 911 dispatcher.

The middle school principal was concerned enough about this violent, inhumane rampage to conduct an actual investigation into this, claiming the boys shot at people near the bus stop.

Caraballo's mother admitted he disobeyed her by playing with the gun in the first place, but said any punishment should come from her, not the school.

My, my, my, what a witch's brew of police state idiocy bubbles in this cauldron.

We've got the nosy, busy-bodying neighbor who is as lacking in common sense as she is the ability to comprehend the concept of minding her own damn business.  There's the 911 operator who, instead of reaming the busybody for wasting his time and tying up the 911 when real emergency calls might be trying to get through, dociley passed on her abusively risible call to the cops like a good little drone.  And lastly Mr. Caraballo's principal, who (1) didn't seek to confirm the report (which by that time made the lad sound like the Terminator with an Uzi mowing down every Sarah Connor in the Yellow Pages) by, oh, I don't know, calling Mrs. Caraballo and speaking with her, perhaps?; and (2) remembering his jurisdiction and the limitations of his authority, which do NOT extend to the Caraballos' front yard, which is private property, last anybody checked.

However, being the big-hearted, reasonable fellow that I am, I'm willing to make the gun confiscation lobby a deal: We'll sign off on brownshirt nonsense like the above if y'all agree to the same maniacal crackdown on abortion.  Let Mr. Caraballo and his friend be joined in middle school exile by every little proto-menstruating trollop that sits under a front yard tree and smooches with her hormone storm boyfriend (him, too, BTW).  After all, that's first base, and they could be jumping up and down on home plate in mere moments, right in front of the approaching school bus; can't have the little slut contributing to the infanticide industry; that's why we need Loin Control, after all.  Deal?

C'mon, you don't want to wind up staring down the barrel of an Airsoft, do you?

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