Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jon Stewart Knocks Obama For Total Ignorance Of What's Going On In His Administration

by JASmius

Is the Obamedia dropping the "Ob"?  Is The One finally on his own now?

Well....they'd really, really prefer not to.  Every "journalist" in the country would love to be able to just batten down the hatches and wait for ObamaCare to blow over, as have IRSgate, NSAgate, Benghazigate, and all the other "gates" that have "officially" never happened.  But this is like winning a wild, moist, passionate night with Jessica Alba, getting her home, and having her unzip herself and reveal Martha Rae, denture wearer.  You looked forward to so much so avidly and wound up with enough erectile dysfunction to turn Viagra AND Cialis into perpetual motion machines even without zero-point energy extraction.  That's a level of disappointment bordering on Glenn-Close-In-Fatal-Attraction-caliber betrayal.

Remember, as hard left as the media is, they also believe themselves to be bigger than any one president, even their "god".  Politicians come and go, but the press considers itself permanent brokers of D.C. power.  And if Nebuchadnezzar is loping out to the fields to munch on grass, "reporters" are not going to develop a taste for grazing.

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