Monday, January 20, 2014

Homosexual Agenda Aims At The Destruction of a Civil Society

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The sins of the father reach into generations.  It takes generations to alter the course of a wayward line of thinking in a family, a community, and especially in a nation.  In the case of today's civilization, the wayward line of thinking is worldwide.

A society functions best if the culture abides by a set of standards.  Godly moral standards, however, are not just the appropriate moral standard because the Bible says so, or because the culture says so.  We have the law of morality written on our hearts.  John Locke often discussed this.  He called it "Natural Law."  The writings of John Locke, by the way, are hardly antiquated, as many leftists may proclaim.  Locke's writings about Natural Law carry universal validity, both through space, and time.

According to Locke, Natural Law, and our Natural Rights, are independent things, not connected to social arrangements, conventions, or common beliefs.  Our basic morals and rights are natural as opposed to artificial, meaning they are not brought about by humanity, but by the Creator.  No person, or group of persons, can abolish, or amend them.

Natural Law includes rules of conduct, but these are not laws simply uttered into existence by some ruler, but are written on everyone's heart.  God did the writing, and He gave us the ability to reason our way to recognize them.

In today's society, I suppose you could call this knowledge of Natural Law your conscience.

Natural Law is the source of our moral behavior, and moral duties.  Parents, for example, under the moral duties defined by Natural Law, should care for their children.  This duty belongs to the parents, and therefore it means that the parents have the natural right to care for their children without interference on the part of others.

We also have natural rights that do not involve duties, such as the right to acquire property, the right to protect our property (which would also support the right to keep and bear the tools necessary for protecting said property, such as the right to keep and bear arms), the right to speak freely, and the right to limit government should they exceed their granted authorities.  In the Declaration of Independence, the wording is, "That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

Natural Law, moral standards from Nature's Law, and Natural Rights, are all intertwined.  They are all a part of the same animal, so to speak.  They are Divinely given, and are binding on us because they have been commanded by God.  They are in place to provide a maximal benefit to humanity, to protect us from the consequences of immoral actions.  And, because they are God-given, it is then logical to conclude that the way to determine if a moral standard, or a natural right, is indeed what it claims to be, it would need to also be sanctioned by God.

In other words, to determine if Gay marriage is a right, one must simply ask if God would sanction such a union.

The homosexual agenda claims to be a new civil right.  The gay lobby compares itself to the civil rights movement of the 1960s.  The notion claims that homosexual behavior is inbred, genetically destined, and scientifically proven to be no more a choice than the color of our skin.  Those that claim this falsehood still fail to provide an answer for the thousands upon thousands of people who have abandoned homosexuality, after recognizing it is aberrant, unhealthy, and destructive.  Some of these people decide to turn their back on the sexually perverted lifestyle because God, the Creator of sex and sexuality, cannot accept their behavior.  It is habitual sin that attempts to justify itself.

When people leave the lifestyle, the gay community becomes like the mafia, intimidating and threatening those who choose not to continue the lifestyle.

I half expect those that leave the gay lifestyle to need witness protection.

This is the most disturbing part of the nature of the homosexual agenda.  Acceptance must be forced, and they are willing to use government, and threats, to try to not only force their departed back into the fold, but to force the general public into accepting their behavior, like it or not.

Why the threats and demeaning vilification if opposition to homosexuality is just a simple case of discrimination?

If the concept that homosexuality is not a choice, and it is just who a person is, is true, then why are people leaving the lifestyle in droves, and why are the members of the gay community acting out against these folks in such a vile manner?

Militant homosexual activists, as they cry that their rights are being stomped on, never define their argument.  No laws have been passed disallowing them to partake in their sexually perverted behavior.  The only "law," if any, that is on the table, is in reference to marriage.  But the gay argument always claims that the religious right is denying them the right to marry.  The premise never resides on that fact that the gay agenda is trying to force any opposition of their lifestyle into accepting their behavior, and to force those that oppose them to redefine marriage into something that would never be sanctioned by the Creator of the institution of marriage in the first place. Homosexual activists ignore the individual rights of a majority of Americans, and have indicated that their goal is not just to force their beliefs upon everyone through law and political correctness, but to move steadily to outlaw Judeo-Christianity.

Natural Law means nothing to these folks.  Morality is relative, to them.  Morality is what they decide they want it to be.  Then, to justify their position, the homosexual agenda projects, accusing their opposition of being "haters," when it is in fact they that foment hatred.

Homosexuality is not a sin just because the Bible says so, but also because it is destructive.  Like any habitual sin, it consumes the soul, dominating one's life, and becomes a never ending need for more and more. Homosexuality is a false idol that not only seeks to replace God, but seeks to destroy Him, and everyone that calls His name.  That is their goal.  It is not about love, or relationships.  For them, it is about silencing, and destroying, all who dare to oppose them.  They even have the media in their pockets, as you will notice in the links below, playing their game for them, demonizing and ridiculing anyone who dares to have an opinion outside what the homosexuals demand.

These are not the actions of the participants of a civil society.  Those are the actions of a group of people seeking tyranny against those who dare to oppose them.

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