Friday, February 28, 2014

Libertarians, Conservatives & Classical Liberals Unite!

by JASmius

It'll make it much easier for the Regime to round us up and send us to "the camps".

But just in case you wanted some cheerleading, here you go:

Everyone who believes in limited government needs to unite. We need to educate our friends and families about the perils of big government. We need to show them why small, limited government works better for all of us.

Yeah, it sounds good.  But we all know that the Right is incapable of uniting because we're all way too prone to sniff each other's philosophical asses like a pack of Mr. Peabodys to flush out the "impure".  And because some of us get ideology confused with tactics.  And because libertarians hate conservatives more than they do liberals.

Even if such a uniting was feasible, it would be coming at least a decade too late to save the Old Republic.  But at least we'd be going out in a blaze of glory.

Or at least as much of one as the guards would permit inside the cattlecars.

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