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A Coddled Tyrant

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In this morning's edition of Constitution Study Radio, as I was going through the events that led up to the American Revolution over two hundred years ago, I drew from the tales of America's founding a number of parallels to today's leftist transformation of this country.  The federal government, through a couple centuries of creeping incrementalism, has become exactly what we fought against for our independence during the Revolutionary War.

As with today, the events unfolding in the United States impacted the globe.  But the revolution began long before any fighting broke out.  In the words of John Adams, in his letter to H. Niles on February 13, 1818, "The Revolution was effected before the war commenced.  The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations."

The American people came to a realization that their belief the king ruled "in justice and mercy, according to the laws and constitution derived to them from the God of nature and transmitted to them by their ancestors," and "for their good," was a lie.  In reality, the people were becoming aware of the fact that those that governed them from Britain were "renouncing all the principles of authority, and [were] bent upon the destruction of all the securities of their lives, liberties, and properties."

John Adams continue (and again, pay attention to the parallel to today's "ruling elite") explaining, "The people of America had been educated in an habitual affection for England, as their mother country; and while they thought her a kind and tender parent, (erroneously enough, however, for she was never such a mother,) no affection could be more sincere."

This is where the parallels stop, because in today's society we have not come to the point that the average American understands that the ruling elite is up to.  However, what comes next may be on our horizon.  We may yet realize, as society approaches the bottom of the barrel, that the federal government is not a benevolent entity wiling to give out of the goodness of its heart, but a cruel master, enslaving the people without the masses even understanding it is happening.

"But when they found her a cruel beldam," continued John Adams, "willing like Lady Macbeth, to 'dash their brains out,' it is no wonder if their filial affections ceased, and were changed into indignation and horror.  This radical change in principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution."

The Revolution was the impossible endeavor, not only because the British Empire was the most powerful military might on the face of the Earth, but because the States were individual, autonomous, sovereign entities, different in every way imaginable, and their individuality was being compromised.  Yet, somehow, they came together, as a union, to declare independence, and to sever their bands to the mother country.  Or as John Adams put it, "Thirteen clocks were made to strike together - a perfection of mechanism, which no artist had ever before effected."

The British had pushed too far.  The colonists were acting on principles and feelings that fueled the writing of the Magna Carta, and ignited the Glorious Revolution in 1688.  It was when the British Parliament came to the conclusion they could do anything they wanted legislatively to the colonies, regardless of representation, that the Americans exploded into action.  The acts by parliament were mandated, and carried out in a strict manner, often through taxation and dictates upheld by military presence.  The feelings and principles of liberty were awakened in the previously silent segment of America, until the oppressive government finally pushed too far, including an episode when, on the way to Concord, British troops aimed their attention at disarming the citizens, and shutting down ammunition storage facilities.  Because of the onslaught of tyranny, and the unwillingness to abide by the concepts of natural rights and representation, "it burst out in open violence, hostility, and fury."

As were the colonists, the federal government views us as "petulant," unwilling to blindly accept their ruling elitism, and social engineering.  The establishment has disregarded the rule of law, viewing the Constitution as an obstacle to their agenda.  They are trying to silence the troublemakers through IRS harassment, and new media rules.  And as with the founders over two centuries ago, many only wish for making peace with the government.  They desire reconciliation, and are willing to go along to get along.  The drive for liberty, however, is a strong undercurrent, as more and more people recognize what this current federal government is all about, and the tyranny being propagated against the American People is energizing them, rallying them to the cause against a despotic president, and liberal left ruling class.

One more parallel exists.  As with the British, the attempt by the federal government is to influence public opinion through misinformation.  The press has always been a valuable weapon for tyranny, serving as an important tool in any propaganda campaign.  To properly carry out such insidious public opinion engineering, however, the tyrant needs more than just a compliant and complicit media, but one that is fully aware of what the flow of information is supposed to be.  Theirs is not about what is best for the country, but what is best for their agenda.  It is not enough to lead the Americans to socialism.  These tyrants wish for the American people to raise the red flag of socialism themselves, willingly, and enthusiastically.

The leftists in control of the federal government are not interested in being reasoned with, because their agenda for socialism trumps the welfare of the United States, or the welfare of its citizens.  No other choice exists, but to stand up against the federal government, and restore our Constitutional Republic.

Patriotism does not include "love of government."  To stand against the federal government, and to work to change it back to limiting principles, is not treason, or an act of people who are "anti-government."  We are pro-government, but that support is for a government that operates under the authorities granted by the United States Constitution, and no more.  There are only seventeen enumerated authorities granted in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution for a reason.  The restraints of the Constitution were put into place by the Founding Fathers to protect the people from a tyrannical federal government.  The current liberal left government wielded by the democrats is the government the founders aspired to protect us from.  It was tyrants like Barack Obama, and his liberal left minions, that this American System of Government was designed to resist.

The statists in control know the truth.  They are aware that they act outside the authorities granted by the Constitution.  Their knowledge of the truth is why they promise one thing to the American People, but deliver another.  Their knowledge of the truth is why they inject socialism incrementally, slowly in a way so that you don't realize you are supporting socialism, even though the platforms are socialist in nature.  They have tried to never delivered so much socialism that the American People would discover the exact nature of the politics of the establishment.  They monkey with the language, convince you that what they are doing is for the common good, even though it is obvious that in the big picture, their policies are contributing to the destruction of liberty.  They say they do so with the goal of equality, and that they are in line with the Declaration of Independence by doing so.

All men are created equal, but we are not truly equal.  We are to be equal in the eyes of God, and the law.  We have equal access to life, liberty, and property, no matter who we are - or at least we are supposed to have that access.  But we are not equal in ability or personal merit.  It is damaging to liberty to participate in schemes of leveling, as Samuel Adams called the concept of the redistribution of wealth.  We are individual-centric, and we operate best in a free market system.  Our hope comes from God, and our individual, voluntary freedom to make our own choices, and to live under the benefits, or consequences, of those decisions.

They know the truth, so they must do what they can to deceive us of the truth of their actions.  Darkness always appears as an angel of light.  Like the British, today's tyranny recognizes the importance of public opinion.  The anti-federalists demanded that the First Amendment include five important freedoms, because it would be those rights that tyranny would aim for, first.  To silence religious freedoms, the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press; and to squelch the freedom of association (to peaceably assemble), and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances is the way to subjugate a people.  Then, as the British aimed to do on their march to Concord, Massachusetts during the Spring of 1775, an oppressive government must take away the firearms of the people so that they don't stand up and fight for those freedoms the tyranny is endeavoring to take away.  But, the government promises that the evil is actually a good thing, for the protection of the people, for the security of their existence.  Peace, and safety.

The deception must be carefully orchestrated, meticulously scripted.  The tyrant in the White House can only do so much on his own.  The team behind him, the ones we don't see, have to ensure President Barack Obama is protected from us, the media, and himself.

Barack Obama is the celebrity in chief, perceived as a rock star, a cool member of our own, poor, downtrodden society that has ventured into the dangerous world of politics to save us from the racist, bigoted, plutocrats of the Republican Party.  He uses teleprompters to deliver other people's speeches, spends time on programs hosted by adoring fans that have nothing but adulation to offer, and his handlers are always properly informed of all questions that will be posed by the media.

The White House Secretary, it was recently reported, knows all of the questions the reporters are going to ask before White House briefings, so that the answers can be carefully crafted, and fit the agenda.  The reporters, too, often get the answers ahead of time, too.  Later, the reporter that exposed the news of the coddling of the tyrant, and his staff, by the media, retracted her story, saying she made a mistake when she claimed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney gets a heads up on the questions coming from reporters at briefings.

Why would the reporter release this kind of information, and then suddenly retract the story?

We are being told it was simply a misunderstanding.  She was a reporter simply jumping to conclusions with too little information.  The reporter is a silly local reporter that does not understand the big picture when it comes to the White House and the national media.  Or, the more likely truth is she was told to be careful where she treads, because the media is a part of the regime, and honest reporting is no longer the duty of the media.  The liberal media is no longer a watchdog, but now is a lapdog, for the federal government.  The people need only be told what the ruling elite wants them to know, and the media will only report what they are allowed to report.  Step back in line, you simple little local reporter, or be destroyed forever.

The tyrant must be coddled by the media, and the truth must never be exposed.

Another story goes even further, suggesting not that the questions are being reviewed, and chosen, but that some of the reporters are actually White House plants.  It was so bad a New York Times writer actually felt he had to defend Barack Obama for pre-arranging a question from a blogger for the liberal Huffington Post website at a recent White House press conference, giving the blogger a heads-up the night before that he might be called upon.

The New York Times writer, Peter Baker, wrote: "Here is the dirty little secret about White House news conferences: The president almost always knows the questions in advance.  But here is the rest of that secret: That is not because White House officials are planting questions or reporters are colluding with them."
Though Baker did not directly call the Huffington Post blogger, Nico Pitney, an administration plant, he certainly suggested indirectly that plants are a likelihood.  Baker wrote the piece to prove Pitney was not a plant, but his desire to do so suggests the exact opposite.  It is like the old saying goes, "He who smell't it dealt it."

Of course, in the piece, to further use misdirection to lead the reader away from Obama having plants in the media, Baker then writes that George W. Bush did use plants in the media.

I suppose the "It's Bush's fault" mantra is never going away.

Interestingly enough, the Obama tyranny is doing everything the media accused the Bush administration of doing.  Bush was called Hitler, a dictator, and was accused of wanting to use the government to take away everyone's rights.  The true tyrant, the want that actually is doing what the media accused Bush of wanting to do, is being coddled, protected, and guided.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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